Application prohibition

How does one access the SAFE network if one is prohibited from downloading and/or installing the apps on a given system? Many system admits especially government types prohibit installing and running of unknown apps on their system. SAFE seems dependant on the ability to download and run the software. What’s the solution?

I can’t imagine there will be any way to force Safe browser onto an employer’s computer that they don’t want Safe / any third party apps to be run on (without losing your job at least), but you could use your own phone, or your own computer, or someone else’s phone / computer that isn’t your employers.


In some situations perhaps people could boot to an OS on a USB stick or DVD and use SAFE Browser that way. You could say this is using a different system, so this sort of avoids:


exactly. In my case I can lose my job for life if I am caught using torrent.

I’m not sure the computer would allow one to boot to a stick tho its worth a shot. As for your question I meant there are systems where there is restricted access and one is not allowed to install or run programs that have not been white listed by the Admin.

I’m imagining going to a library where you’re not allowed to install stuff, but you might be able to shut down and boot to a disc or something. I’ve never tried anything like this though!

Maybe a proxy service. Browsing seems fairly trivial though not easily secured being a proxy and all. Running a vault is not happening unless you plant your own machine on your employers network. There are caveats to that as you might know. Doesn’t seem worth it to me. :confused:

vpn… (20 char)

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Then you don’t use it on that system?

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Exactly. Pretty simple really.

With the explosion of mobile devices and the cost dropping yearly, I’d say if you cannot use SAFE on “work’s” computer then you pull out your mobile device and surf the SAFE network.

If you were hoping to run a vault on “work’s” computer without specific permission then I think you are looking for big trouble, really big trouble. I cannot image many businesses being happy to have vaults installed on their computers without permission. Bandwidth for starters, breaking SOE for another, and most have rules about installing unauthorised software on their computers.

Although installing the browser (SAFE’s or addon) should be easy enough to get permission for, but many businesses don’t allow web browsing or heavily resist it. So don’t just think it will be allowed and get permission before losing ones job.


This is a solution I’ve used in the past (not for running SAFE per se). Works well enough with Linux Mint for example. You can just start browsing out of the box or in this case download the SAFE browser and give it a go.