App Proposal - Tryst

Proposal for Maid Safe App - Tryst, a permanent, yet private record of meetings.

Problem it solves: Anywhere where people get together and want to record permanent private information about their meeting (and that it did indeed occur), where they might have to later refer to or rely on evidence of the meeting having occurred.

The meeting consists of the following data elements:

  • attendees
  • location
  • date/time
  • agreed public notes
  • actions

Once the meeting has been agreed to by all parties, then:

  • the meeting is recorded forever to the system and cannot be changed, even by attendees.
  • Any attendee (and only attendees) of the meeting can then read the details of the meeting at any time.
  • An attendee can choose to make a meeting ‘public’ if n of m attendees agree. (not sure if this is a good idea?)
  • A user can see a history of all the meetings they have attended in a ‘timeline’ view.

Use cases: Doctor/patient, Lawyer/Client, Political activist/journalist, Company Board meetings, politicians meeting with advisers.

I envision an app where each user authenticates to the launcher and then provides Tryst with a private token known to all meeting attendees (it could be as simple as a random number written on the whiteboard). During the meeting attendees would be able to ‘chat’ and take public and private notes. At the end, a formal meeting minutes object would created and agreed to by all parties. This could then be stored as encrypted immutable data onto the network, with the decryption keys stored as structured data object for each attendee. (This how I understand how to implement, but there are probably better ways).

I’d welcome feedback on the proposal and would be interested in working with others to make it happen.


Just a little feedback.

What if, an attendee doesn’t work at the company anymore?

Maybe it might give you some ideas if you take a look at

How will you monetize this product or get investors interested?

I have a simple hack for that. If the other attendees don’t agree then just pull up the records on one’s computer and screenshot them. Publish the screenshots. Done. The records are now public.

Until one of the attendees gets pissed and leaks the data for whatever reason.

All of these people have reason to destroy such records and in fact have done so, particularly politicians, doctors and company board room members.

Go for it. Great idea. There are many applications for meetings/transcripts that need to be preserved in the public domain.