Anyone In NYC Want to Present on SAFE?



I have a meetup group in New York city and would love to have someone come present on SAFE and/or lead a discussion about it. Any suggestions of people nearby or perhaps passing through would be very appreciated.



Bumping for you!!!

How many are in your group and what topics do you normally meet to discuss?


I just started the group in order to meet about exactly topics like SAFE, SOLID and perhaps others. The group is here:

I’m reading everything I can about SAFE, but still have many questions. It would be great to have someone who’s been active with it and following it for longer to come discuss it.


I’m trying to accumulate excuses to go to USA in the next months for a few days, so I’ll keep you updated if I go, I’d love to help you with setting up a meetup there (don’t think I’m an expert at all, and this is why I’d love to help :slight_smile: ).