Any Melbourne Safer's (Aus)

Hi guys raising this thread from the dead.

I know @PeterRobertson recently sent out an email postponing the next meet up so that reminded me to do a bit of scan for new Melbournians in the forum.

Just yell out if your from Melbourne and we can try to connect.


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Hi, yep, still alive here in Melbourne. We’ve just signed for a new office for a set of new projects and may be using that for a venue for future meetups. I’ll announce as soon as I know details for next meetup.




Some Adelaide’ians wouldnt hurt :slight_smile:

Wow that’s awesome Peter do you mean a Bitcoin or Maidsafe office?

I’m involved in a new startup doing fundamental blockchain tech with projects built on top. Also shooting for p2p and hybrid infrastructure. Safenetwork and other p2p tech definitely on radar for business and of deep interest at community level.

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I’m in Melbourne! :slight_smile:

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Hi I have relocated from Melbourne to Adelaide, perhaps we could meet up soon?