Any Melbourne Safer's (Aus)

Like the title says.

Anyone from Melbourne based Maidsafe folks here?

I know that @neo’s from down under - IDK where from though.

I think he’s from qld.

Whatever that is…

Yap Melbourne here, in cbd at the moment.
There is also a group that @PeterRobertson had put together regarding maidsafe. Talk to him, met him sometime back.

Cool we should do a meetup.

yeah no worries, will PM and also tell Robert, he normally is around the cbd most weeks.

Hi there.

Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center (MBTC) has an active crypto community who meet on a weekly basis with major events every month. While there isn’t a formal Safe Network group right now, it’s time there was and I’d really like some help to get it up and going. Anyone interested in helping out, or even just attending, please DM me or just reply here and we’ll get it started. We have a venue (Level 1, 89-91 City Road, Southbank 3006, 1300 366 282, and a number of existing members at MBTC who are very interested, so it should’t take too much.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Interested. Place looks awesome. I didn’t even know it existed.

Just need to know little in advance and I’m down. I’ll bring a friend or two if I can.

I can assist with organising where possible.

p.s. on a different topic it still astounds me how little BTC is used in Melbourne. You would at least think the charitable organisations and the technology businesses would accept it.

Excellent, let’s get this going. Can you please DM me and we can exchange contact details. As to BTC being used directly, I’ve given up worrying about that, people will be using it in the not too distant future without knowing it, the way they use the web without knowing what TCPIP is. Let’s make sure they’re doing that over the Safe Network! :slight_smile:

Anyone else around Melbourne or who knows someone in the area, please get in touch. I’ll tweet announcements @Peter_Robertson

On that note … any Tasmanian’s here? Particularly Southern Tasmanian’s.

LOL. Nobody here but us penguins. :slight_smile:

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There has been a strong Launceston bitcoin presence through @adampoulton. I suggest anyone wanting to ramp up a SafeNetwork presence reach out to the bitcoiners first and see if they’re supportive. Our community here in Melbourne, built around bitcoin, is very eclectic and open with very broad interests represented right across the crypto spectrum. Also, if you’re in Melbourne, we have a general meetup every Wed evening, make sure you drop in and make yourself known.

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I’m from Tassie, exciting project. Glad we have some people from Oz here.

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Tasmanians know about Bitcoin?


:slight_smile: yeah, my colleague actually introduced me to it. Also we have a twitter group for it BUT MaidSafe is much more interesting.


Yep, Melburnian here - see my personal intro in the new users forum.

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Welcome aboard the Maidsafe train.

We hope to hold a get together in Melbourne soon.

Stay tuned.

John Seale here in Melbourne and I’m a long term dedicated Maid Safe supporter intending to develop an interdependant app on the Safe network to integrate Commerce, Communication and a new Currency on a 100% gold standard. The meeting facility Peter describes is excellent and the reason I recently ceased to attend the MBTC meetups there is that my interests don’t include the plethora of objectives of an increasingly large proportion of its attendees. I’m most certainly a starter in a dedicated Melbourne Safe community.


That is great John. Welcome.

Looks like we have a few to add to our meetup @PeterRobertson