Announcing Safenoise: The SAFE Music Player! (Live Test17 Demo)

Hi everyone, today I’ve started development on my first SAFE app!
It’s not anything super fancy, but something that I hope will attract and be useful to a wide variety of users on the SAFE Network – a personal Music Player!

My placeholder name for the app is “Safenoise” (I will change it after SAFE is out of beta, already have a proper name in mind), and my goal is to create a high-quality music player, with a great UI/UX.

Today, I am revealing a live demo/mock-up I put together. It’s currently solely a JS webapp; the 3 songs in the demo are hardcoded into the app, and it doesn’t actually interface with any SAFE API’s yet.

In the shorter-term future, the app will authenticate with your account via the API and automatically list all the songs in your personal “_music” container, ready to be played!

In the longer-term future, I envision creating a Safecoin-powered marketplace for musicians. artists will be able to set up their own profiles to publish and share their musical creations, which listeners can purchase/stream, all in a decentralized manner with no fees/third-party :wink:

The demo is accessible on Test17 at


(give it some time to load!) – feedback & suggestions are greatly appreciated :smiley:


Wish I was lvl 2 already.

Ah, you’re not missing much. Here’s a screenshot

Basically, the only thing you can do is play one of those three songs. Nothing in the left menu is actually clickable, its just placeholder text for now.


Still gives me an idea of what is possible on the Safenet.
Super cool. I was wondering are things like asynchronous streams possible too? I don’t have any experience with it, so don’t know at what level it would be implemented.

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Can’t wait to check it out!

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So basically the concept is iTunes for all the music we’ll be uploading for SAFE? Sounds awesome. Might want to add the option for playlist sharing using federated formats like m3u as all that music is also sharable and downloadable as well. Btw I think the “working name” works great. :smile:


Got it and viewed it - and of course listened to the one available track: Mr Blue Sky

It’s a great experience to see how things work on the SafeNetwork - the shape of things to come!


Looks cool. Will definitely try once I am lvl 2 and get access.

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you can play the other two as well, press on the > next to them

For the time being, yep! I basically think Safenoise is a two-part project: Part 1 is creating a great, solid personal music player which just plays music from the private music library an individual user uploads for themselves. Basically an iTunes clone in terms of features, but for the SAFE Network.

Part 2 is adding federated sharing, social features (look up other users, see what their favorite song is, what they’ve recently listened to, etc), and also a decentralized place where musicians can make their own profiles for their bands and sell their albums for Safecoin. So it’ll be sort of like bandcamp/soundcloud if I can see this project through to the end. (which, funny enough, Soundcloud is currently in danger of shutting down due to lack of funds. I wonder how well Safenoise could attract those creative, independent & hobbyist musicians that have relied on Soundcloud all these years ;))

Thanks! To be honest, it has grown on me as well. The actual name i have planned is just a random, "abstract’ word that I invented, like how “Skype” is just a made-up word. And I think I’m starting to prefer “Safenoise” over the made-up one, because it actually describes what the app does…


I have a theme I could PM you that in my head is really cool unfortunately I don’t have any images but being somewhat artistic could maybe draw something up. I’d be happy to share just on the chance it could be part of a music player (which is exactly what I dreamt it up for). Totally up to you. I think safenoise is actually pretty cool too


You might want to collaborate with project n99 and work on some kind of integration just like how Banshee music player integrates with Jamendo and Or was that Rythambox? Oh well same idea.


That actually sounds like an awesome awesome idea. Could be hugely mutually beneficial

Woah, that sounds cool! Feel free to send me a PM, I’m always open to ways of improving the player’s looks. I did a lot of art in high school, and designing the UI of Safenoise has been the most fun so far

Yeah, n99 looks really interesting! I’d be happy to collaborate; I think having tightly integrated services could be a huge advantage for the SAFE ecosystem, especially since some of my ideas overlap with theirs.


Nice start @am2on, good luck. Oh how good it is to have a live network :slight_smile:


I only came here today to say: hey looks like SoundCloud is shutting down, someone should build an alternative on the safe network… and saw this as the top post! :slight_smile:

Great stuff. Good luck!


Very nice! Good job.

Hope this turn sout like “foobar2000” with more customable safenet features.

If you’re interested in further collaborations at some point, I have a rough placeholder website that teases a few concepts I’d like to see in a music platform, and ideally on Safe.

I don’t have the resources to take it forward at the moment, but if any of the concepts sound interesting, let me know and I’ll be happy to share details and consider collaboration with you, N99 and others to help Safe become the best place for music & other digital products.

No worries if it’s not of interest.

Looking forward to seeing this develop. Best of luck & keep up the good work!


Hey is there a Github for this?

If not, I might be interested in recreating it real quick and making a Github, as it seems like another little app that people like, just like SAFEtube or SecretChat etc

Let me know!

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It’s not on Github yet, but I plan on doing so later on after I’ve made more progress. What do you mean by recreating it?

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