Zzz’ Blockchain is Boring — The One and Only Truly Unique Cryptocurrency Is On Its Way


That’s not a bad idea :slight_smile: . Also I see investinbitcoin.com (where I found this excellent article) are looking for paid and unpaid writers on their site.


If published elsewhere can I share it easily with my friend.


I’m not bothered if people want to post my articles anywhere really just please provide attribution and don’t change anything. Cheers.


Morning! Have tweeted this as part of #Mondayblog, hopefully we can make community blogs a regular feature!


Discourse is having a bad Monday:

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So I can’t like your post Sarah!


Same happening with me. I probably do over-use the like button that’s a long wait. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You may hate the wait but you’ve gotta love that precision :wink: