Zzz’ Blockchain is Boring — The One and Only Truly Unique Cryptocurrency Is On Its Way


would appreciate any and all feedback especially considering I wrote about stuff that made my head hurt as it was way too technical for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow::expressionless::grimacing:


Excellent work once again!

One comment is that Hcash’s POS/POW code is almost a direct fork of Decred… Hcash has some innovative bits tacked on (e.g. a second layer DAG), but the development for their core blockchain layer happens at Decred.

Also, perhaps a cautionary tale for MAID that a clonecoin with some buzzwords has 3x the Mktcap of the originator…


feel free to comment there , thanks


Done and done. You’re doing <#divine entity’s> work, thank you!


hhahahaha I had to read that twice I thought it said dirvine lol, speaking of which we should see if the guys are willing to have some fun with the network and maybe put some god like oracle bots as easter eggs throughout it for us lol

What is your favorite name for a SafeCoin analogy to BTC’s Satoshi? (reboot) divs = irvines, troons, and ayrs?

Great job! Keep buzzing :slight_smile:


Really nice @goindeep. I enjoy your writing style, both funny and informative, great mix!


Feedback: Can you also post this on Yours.org and Steem?


You’ve displayed a prime example of what this project needs. Strong community promotion. Excitement from onlookers in most cases invites more interest than self promotion. Your writing style makes you more relatable to your average dabbler as well. Thumbs up.

One thing worth noting imo is that we need to break the “storage network” perceptual bind that limits readers understanding of what is essentially a recreation of the protocol layer. Safecoin enables storage in addition to data modification and eventual computation. It is the partial defense against spam, flooding, centralization, sybil, ddos , and exhaustion attacks. Safecoin is the beezneez. Not just some walling mechanism some have fervently resented. :wink:


Nice article. Keep writing please:) Just one idea. When you are writing to blockchain crypto maniacs those care about coins the most. Storage is not important to them. So, If I were able to write such article(which I am not), I would start with advantages of coin itself. Like 100% anonymity, almost infinite scalability of transactions, speed of transactions(1 second on Maidsafe compared to 10 minutes on BTC), 0 transaction fee and optionality of transaction receipt. Plus possibility for microtransactions of any kind natively on Maidsafe and in real world or Internet. Also any kind of storage solution does not make such mass awareness as term like “New Internet” or replacement of old broken Internet:)


Really good stuff!! Keep it up.


Someone else said that I am just not sure how that would go duplicate content wise.


With text I just tested it’s just copy/paste, strangely the images refuse to appear on Yours.org and it costs $0.10 to publish something. I didn’t check steem, but that got more to do with my laziness. Great post btw do you accept tips?


Haha thanks dude no tips thanks use your tips to grow maid :ok_hand::grinning: p.s. wanted to say this forever mmrs was one of my all time favourite wrestlers


You can repost on Steem for free but (a) you need to apply for an account on there which takes a week or two, and (b) the advice is to edit the copy to make it original. This is good practice for SEO anyway as search engines mark down duplicated content.


Somehow I can’t load medium. Have you posted it else where? I’d like to read.


Are you in China?..


Malaysia. Sometimes can load sometimes can’t.


From a quick Duckduckgo it looks like the Malaysian government has been blocking Medium on and off for some time. Can you use a VPN? Perhaps @goindeep could republish it somewhere else or on stick it on Google Drive?


Publish it on the SafeNetwork :wink: