Zuckerberg want to decentralize facebook

Zuckerberg for all his bad press may still hold onto his original ideologies about technology helping the world.

He seems keen to decentralize facebook. We should make it our mission to make him know about safe network. If he does want to decentralize then safe is the way to go not blockchain.

Anyone got his number???

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Colour me cynical… PR move


Or you could mention the Safe Network in a reaction to his facebook post:

He mentions here decentralization and cryptocurrency, but not Bitcoin specifically. Already a lot of reactions there, so the chances are very small he will read them (all). But there are a lot of other people reading these comments who might be interested.

Critical questions

  1. How is he going to make money
  2. How is he going to be able to exploit people’s private info

No matter the system he implements these are 2 top questions being asked by him and the shareholders (board)


He never talked about Maidsafe.Very upset.

Decentralizing actually gives FB more power and will make it so no information can ever be deleted. Watch how all government programs also switch to this ‘decentralized local power structure’. We gotta watch carefully how this Distributed Ledger Technology is applied.


I read it on an fincancial site and immediately had to think about Maidsafe.
It would be great if Maidsafe could get in touch with facebook. Maidsafe needs the exposure, facebook needs the tech. So win-win.

The point is, what if facebook starts developing it’s own decentralized network. They might do that, they already created their own languages. The facebook development team is huge. They will have the momentum and Maidsafe is out of the picture, even when it has the better tech.

Except facebook owners don’t want to lose their advertising income. And SAFE is about anonymity and privacy and facebook wants to harvest your information, decentralised or not. So no I don’t think we want facebook the company to develop their anti-privacy social media on SAFE before others can develop true privacy social media sites where the user truly owns and controls their data.


it’s the people choice if they want to share info about themselves on the internet, safenet or whatever network. Freedom for everyone right? If you don’t share anything, there is nothing to harvast, especially on the safe network. But I agree we need another kind of social media platform without the commercial interest.


bcoz maidsafe will take over facebook

it is acceptable with commercial but not shows up every second when we slide!
Is really annoying LOL

Strongly agree!:+1:
The real human right…