YUANBAO withdraw Issues


Long time follower.

Fist time post.

I tried to withdraw from Yuanbao Exchange twice now and it keeps saying “Processing.” After a few days it says cancelled without any notification. Please help if anyone has experience on this matter. I know N. Lambert said it has been fixed a few weeks back.



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Hi, I was told it had been fixed, but let me try and fit out more for you, I’ll revert back as soon as I find out what’s going on.


thank you very much Nick. Very excited about the progress and the team’s direction. I can’t wait until the network is live and be part of history. Long Live MAID and Prosper!


Has the problem been fixed?
I withdrew another coin and that went through quick.

Hi Red Li

You were able to withdraw MAID on YuanBao? I have issues withdrawing MAID. It just says processing for a few days hen automatically cancelled. I am trying again and now waiting. Status says “processing.”

No, I withdrew other altcoin, not MAID. I have asked Yuanbao staff to have a look at this thread.

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Thanks so much. If they cancelled again I’ll have to sell into their coin and rebuy BTC. After, I will transfer BTC back to poloniex and rebuy MAID, which I don’t want to do all that. I just want to withdraw MAID into my wallet.

Still no MAID withdrawals on that site? Dang… (unless it was fixed, but now temporarily acting up again?).

Yeah. Hopefully they can fix it soon.

My request for info yesterday has not been answered and I escalated the issue this morning to my contacts boss. Given the time difference we may now not here until tomorrow what is going on. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back. Sorry guys, pretty disappointing to say the least!


Hi Nick,

Looks Like your hard work has paid off. I just got Maid coins this morning. Hopefully YuanBao going forward will be a smooth one. Thanks everyone for the input and help. Live Long and Prosper MAID SAFE!


Did YuanBao give an explanation for the delay? I would expect them to have a great reason for making you wait so long. And Nick’s time is valuable and important. Can you be sure you won’t have to wait next time?

No Explanation. Just Auto Cancelled. I agree, we cannot waste Nick’s time for issues like this. It shouldn’t even be an issue. I will try to get an answer.

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It’s not your fault, Nick chose to get involved. He could have politely refused. I’m not criticizing you at all. Going to message boards with issues like this is very important.

No problem at all. Glad to help.