Yuanbao maid/cny pair withdrawal issue

This thread will be dedicated to updating the community as to when the yuanbao withdrawal issues have been fixed.

Latest update : June 28, 2016 8:17pm EST

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June 26/2:14 pm est - not fixed

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Is the withdrawal issue unique to Maid or with all of the coins on the site?

Unique to maid. All other withdrawals work.

This is a problem that they are working on. I’m currently trying to understand what is causing the issue and how long it will take to resolve. I’ll post anything meaningful findings back into this thread.


Thank you for your efforts!

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June 27/8:36 am est - not fixed

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I’ve received a little more info about the withdrawal issue. The problem surrounds every wallet needing BTC in it so that the network accepts transactions. Other exchanges manage this situation by watching for deposits, moving BTC to the user deposit address, and then sweeping the assets to a pool/hot wallet. It seems that Yuanbao has not operated this process previously, but are currently looking at how they manage this moving forward. This isn’t a technically challenging problem and hopefully we will see withdrawals enabled without too much more delay.


Yuanbao did not set up withdrawals yet because they have not had an omnitoken implementation before.

because they haven’t implemented withdrawals yet it has resulted in a sequence of events that has resulted in maid safe price stagnating or crashing a little bit. This is because people have gone to yuanbao and bought into maid safe expecting to be able to withdrawal. Discovering they can’t. sell maidsafe back Into another currency pair lowering the maid safe price further.

Withdrawal issue still ongoing.


Withdrawal issue still occurring - June 28, 2016 4:41pm EST

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Is this still an issue on this exchange?

that is a real bummer if it is…

Yes this is still an issue Mike. I have reached out to the exchange again to find out what is happening right now and to try and get an expectation of when MAID withdrawals will be enabled.

Yuanbao is based in China.

As in The Peoples Republic of China, with the GFW that SAFEnet might break. It is possible, and plausible, that it is sabotage inspired by the government.

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they will have to make sure to have a secure way to integrate maid … if i where them i’d first have 2 days of thinking and rethinking everything before i do it … i think it makes sense that it takes some time for them to fix it ^^ better to do it right than to loose them all :smiley:

Sounds a bit far fetched really. Do you really think that this is how they would respond to something they’d consider a threat?

It’s a lot more likely that Yuanbao just didn’t manage to set things up the right way for them to handle MAID.


Guess that is what happens when we are first to the party again…I suppose someone has to step up and blaze the trail. :+1:

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State of the Layer - From Omni today:
June 29, 2016


Closing crowdsales in Omniwallet? (less of a priority)
Increase default BTC for new asset creation (due to mining constraints with Class B)
To review Omni on Litecoin specifications and roadmap
Currently testing 0.0.11-rc1
When are we satisfied for release?
Yuanbao exchange integration is mostly complete, they need funding address capability


Still down June 30 9:47am EST

Withdrawal issue still unresolved.

I guess we’ll see a post from Nick when it has been resolved :blush:

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