YouTube is deleting lots of videos, SAFE is needed soon

YouTube is going on a deletion rampage, lots of moderation and censorship, because nobody wants an ad for their brand to be shown together extremist or hateful content. There was for example recently lots of news stories about ads for large brands being shown together with neonazi propaganda videos.

The amount of videos uploaded to YouTube is growing much too large for them to moderate manually, so they’ve employed AI algorithms to do moderation. Obviously there will be a lot of false positives, and who should decide what content is too controversial to show anyway?

Here’s some of the things that YouTube’s been deleting lately, some examples are from the Hacker News discussion of the story under

Ironically, by deleting years old opposition channels YouTube is doing more damage to Syrian history than ISIS could
ever hope to achieve

Also gone are the dozens of playlists of videos from Syria I created, including dozens of chemical attacks in playlists by date

Keep in mind in many cases these are the only copies of the videos, and in some the channel owner will have died, so nothing can stop it

I have (had) a channel that had videos about missing people, their last sightings on CCTV etc. The parents of a missing person even used an embed video on their site of a CCTV footage. They emailed me if I still have the video because they need it.

YouTube banned the whole channel for extremist/hateful content. Probably some of the videos/titles told the AI that the footage is extreme or some sort of glorification.

I appealed on some form but don’t even bother anymore.

I hope YouTube as a video platform (not streaming) gets a serious competitor.

YouTube can’t really do anything about this though. Their leaders may not even agree with what videos will be deleted or not, but they do what they have to do to keep advertisers happy and to keep away videos that can be damaging to their brand.

The only way around this issue is a decentralized solution like SAFE. With any centralized solution comes large costs and the need for advertisers etc and again the need for censorship to keep the business afloat.


Yep I raised this the Other day with examples which many people didn’t like because they did not agree with the opinion of those having their stuff deleted. Which was and is not the point…


start downloading material like crazy. Archive archive archive. This is what comes of a culture that streams everything. If you don’t have it on your hard drive you don’t have it.


The mere allegations of Videos being deleted was enough to get me to go Alternative.


YouTube wiped my channel with 100 000 videos … Without warning, no reason. The videos were mine … without copied materials. It’s not true how they wiped four years of labor … I can not wait for SAFE to go!


Then upload to SAFETube whenever that becomes a thing. Then many people have it, it can’t be deleted and there are copies.

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I agree, I have also looked at a couple different decentralized solutions to tide me over. If nothing else I have escaped the madness that is youtube censorship.

For me personally, I have found I prefer bitchute over dtube.

A new social media platform called Props is from the founders which aims to decentralize sites such as YouTube. They are creating an app called rize which is similar to YouTube or other social media sites.

Hi Guys, I believe many videos on the Maidsafe Youtube channel are incomplete and outdated.

In my opinion it looks very unorganized and it doesn’t reflect where The Safe Network is at this moment.

Just right before launch, shouldn’t we clean up the Maidsafe Youtube channel a bit and limit the information to only a few good videos?


We’re still some way from launch and all resources are focused on a functional network, then API, so I don’t think it’s practical yet.

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I think the community could help with that, it doesn’t cost anything, but it needs some cleaning I think.


Thanks for volunteering! :wink:

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With all pleasure in the world I will give my opinion on the videos that I would keep on there.


After having reviewed the channels videos, These are my thoughts:

It will clean up a lot in my opinion and clear the ‘noise’.


@andreruigrok i like you’re idea. I’m not sure opinion of your picks personally yet but if I could weigh in, I think the most relevant videos that should be featured are any vid that @JimCollinson has made. They are most up to date, informational to newbies or average joe. They cover big picture goals and what is achievable through the UI/UX which also informs devs of possibilities too really.


Yes i agree with that as well. Please revise the videos and let me know your thoughts :+1:t2:

By the way i only revised what pops up at first glance when going to Maidsafe its Youtube channel.