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Easy come, easy go

The maintainer of GoAgent, one of China’s more popular censorship circumvention tools emptied out the project’s main source code repositories on Tuesday.

[quote]The targeting of software developers by China is a new and worrying
trend, but one that we’re seeing occur around the world. Authorities
everywhere are realising that one way to sabotage free expression is to
intimidate those who build the tools that enable that speech.[/quote]

And we have a new law coming into effect in Australia that severely limits export and affects research into encryption

A surprisingly huge proportion of Australians have statist mentality and support state meddling in everything, which is similar to the US (it just depends whether they want to interfere from the wellfare, or warfare, side) but for some reason even worse (I’ve never quite manged to figure out why).

“She’ll be right mate”

This one attitude gives politicians in AU such a free ride when taking away our rights/privacy. We have no bill of rights or legal right to free speech

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