Your responses would be appreciated…..Coin for the uneducated!

Guys, please accept my apology for not knowing much about Maidsafe crypto. I’ve tried to go though this forum but I’m none the wiser.

So my questions

  1. As a shareholder……should I also invest in Maidsafe coin?

  2. What is the coin I should be buying?

  3. How do I buy it?

  4. Where do I store it?

  5. What is a minimum sensible number of coin to buy assuming I’ve got some spare cash to spend?

  6. If Maidsafe is successful, what would be the potential value of 5 above?

Thank you!


Shareholder in??

  • Maidsafe the company??
  • SPV (?) that BTTF set up to hold Maidsafe shares and investors hold shares in the SPV company??

Holding (e)MAID is a different thing/concept. holders of (e)MAID are not investing anything in the Maidsafe company but holding tokens they can either sell or hold and wait for them to be exchanged into SNT (Safe Netork Tokens)

eMAID now, an ERC20 asset which resides on the Ethereum blockchain

you can buy it a number of ways. One easy way is off the BitMart exchange MaidSafeCoin (EMAID) now available on the BitMart exchange!

in an ethereum wallet from my understanding.

Heaps more info here MaidSafeCoin is now available on the Ethereum blockchain, thanks to eMAID

Most would say whatever amount you are willing to lose. Applies to all crypto

The purpose of eMAID is to be converted to SNT at launch and used for buying resources etc on the network

For speculation then buy as much as your willing to lose. One would expect 1000 or more considering the current price of MAID

The final worth in my opinion is that there will be a spike initially as people buy up to use on the new network or to speculate with new token (SNT), then it will settle down for a while with some relationship value wise to other forms of physical and online storage.

After network matures more and the on network use case for SNT increases then value of SNT will rise. By this I mean people start using SNT for purchasing other things on network apart from just network resources