Your help need with the transcripts


I’m sometimes an idiot when it comes to thinking what is normal. I actually thought that Google was recording the voices in the vids and that a algorithm was spitting them out as text. It turns out that humans type them in…

As you might or don’t know, there are 32 Maidsafe video’s online now. I’ve promised that I would help, but this seems a big task. I’ve done the first 5 video’s allready and I have a specific format.
Check this out how it’s got be done, the BOLD text is words from David that I can’t hear. I’m a Dutch citizen, so English is still like… If you want to help just jot down which vid you will be working on. I think this way this will be done quicker (I’ll take the big files) Cheers

btw I’ve started with the 6th video now


I’ll try to help you with some words, fixed the first one already :D. The rest is pretty difficult to understand so maybe David himself wants to help here.


I just watched some by switching on the google captions button in youtube, its hilarious :smiley:



this is amazing! (amazingly funny for comedy!)

wowowowowowowo subtitilesahaha

Ijust woke up to this!


Dude David should be coding other stuff like MAIDSAFE. These video’s transcipt do help, they really give a better understanding… Sometimes I’m almost drooling Like the Safecoins Specs and how the Maidsafe sytem handles your log in…


To be honest, I can’t find out what you’re trying to tell me here