Your first SAFE website – start to finish in just 20 minutes

Which Operating Systems are you running? Windows 10, macOS, …?
Edit: the error means that the app is not yet connected to network.
Maybe firewall issues: tcp port 5483 outgoing blocked or something like that.
I’ve similar issues when trying at work.

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I’m new to Windows so this is probably just a rookie error (be gentle). But I can’t seem to get the Web Hosting Manager working to bring me to the next step. I’ve re-downloaded the file a couple times but the same thing keeps appearing.

So I guess the real question is, how do I initialize the app?

Just to check: have you created an account and are you logged in when you start the Web Hosting Manager?

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Could be the need to set IP address?

Hi @SatoshiNakayolo,

You need to have (Edit: I can see you have trust level 1 (basic user) but others might find this useful):

  • Forum account with trust level 1 (how?). This lets you get a network invite token from the

  • Invite server (click on the network logo) <— this is where you set/update your IP address.

  • A Network login (if you don’t have one already just create one - really quick)
    In your SAFE Browser go here(if it doesn’t start there already):

  • Then when you open the web hosting manager the authenticator (shown above in the browser) will ask. you to authorise the app (web hosting manager) - authorise it.

  • That should be you.

Hope you enjoy playing around with the tool.

Here’s a list of SAFE websites that you can have a look at as well using the SAFE Browser.



Hi David,

I’ve done everything listed, it’s just the last bit when it asks me to authorize the web hosting manager app that I receive an error.

I can see @happybeing pointed out it may be that i needed to set an IP address (which I did not do). I’ll try and figure out how to go back and do that now.


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Yes I am logged in and everything. Could you possibly direct me to where I can set an IP address ?

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Go to the invite server, where you get the invitation used to log in.

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Thanks for your help @happybeing @JPL @DGeddes

Turns out I downloaded the dev folder lol

It works perfect now :slight_smile:


Apologies if I’m missing something - I am pretty new here - but I can’t seem to get an invite.

I’ve spent some time in the forum and am showing 2 hours read time:

But when I try to claim an invite it seems my trust level has not increased yet:

(Tried to put another screenshot here but new users can only post one image apparently…!)

Is it just a matter of waiting a wee while for the reading time to ripple through to my trust level?

Again, sorry if I am missing anything obvious!

Yes the system does say you’ve read two hours. Not sure why you hadn’t been promoted. I’ve just done it manually.


Thanks - can see I have basic now.

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fwiw… I believe the problem was that Karamu hadn’t viewed 30 topics yet.


Great post!

Just finished my first site. take a look:

Get some Safe Learning! Cheers!


Took me a bit longer than 20 minutes, but then I’m a bit slower than the average bear…


Nice - not so many bugs around these days sadly.


I agree but don’t eat too many bugs!


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Not too many bugs around here at -20 ℃ :grin: !

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