Your first SAFE website – start to finish in just 20 minutes

Thank you for the writeup!

Unfortunately, I get problems – don’t know if they’re in Peruse or web hosting manager (WHM):
My sites are safe://mysongs.fiee and safe://twiddly.fiee

  1. If I mark several files for upload in WHM, it gets confused. Seems like everything is getting uploaded, but the UI doesn’t show. Or mixes up different sites.
  2. I’m not sure WHM uploads all the files correctly, at least if I try one of my MP3s, Peruse gets into an endless loop of reloading. Might be a problem in peruse that can’t handle MP3s.
  3. The twiddly site contains a TiddlyWiki instance; seems like Peruse can’t handle some JS commands that it uses. Or maybe WHM didn’t upload the whole file?
  4. In previous versions, WHM could handle private folders. That seems to be gone, so “Choose Existing” is pointless. Or am I blind?

Any hints? (I’m on OSX.)

I find that WHM often messes things up and that the UI doesn’t behave as I expect when selecting files and folders - I always use the “Custom” option. I recommend you experiment with the options and find some workflows that work for you and keep a note of it.

One trick that I find helps is to only upload one file the first time, and then try multiple select. But it’s easy to confuse whether it is going to upload the contents of a folder, or the folder itself so I can still fall foul of that. It will be easier with SAFE Drive so I better get back to working on it!


Thank you!

Yes, the “upload folder” also got me several times.
Another issue is that WHM doesn’t follow symlinks, and I’d like to exclude dotfiles like .DS_Store

But of course it’s more a proof of concept than a real app…


Thanks for the post @JPL - hope you don’t mind but I’ve linked to it on twitter 'cause I think “it’s a cracker”, as Frank Carson would no doubt refer to it.

Crazy timing as well since I was taking notes yesterday when creating my little test site with exactly this kind of thing in mind. One less job for me… feet up!



Thank you very much for this, @JPL!

I guess this is what gets me, as described in WebID/Public ID confusion. The Web Hosting Manager (WHM) says it “Looks like you don’t have a Public ID yet!” But you said you used “jpl” before, so how can it look like you don’t have one yet? I put a little something up on safe://nature.sascha2, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get that to go directly under “sascha” without me creating “sascha2”. safe://nature.sascha won’t display nicely in the Peruse browser. It just shows some code.

This post finally cleared things up for me a bit:

Thanks @bochaco!


Thanks @JPL !

Super helpful for creating the biggest collection of safememes on the safenetwork :stuck_out_tongue: safe://safememe.sam/


Why not post that site here: Safe Site Resources


Thanks for the write up, next time put your crypto address of choice and we will be sure to tip :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this interesting introductory piece.

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I down load safe browser but not able to set it up not sure how to go about it I tried a number possibility’s but on works any advice are help would be appreciated.

Hi @azzizzy,

just click on peruse.exe

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Maybe the following video can help:
I see you also haven’t reached user level 1 (=basic) on this forum. To unlock that, you’ve to read another 39 minutes (you’ve now 21 minutes), so that you reach the 1 hour read time requirement.
Edit: I’ve also moved your post and the 2 replies to a more revelant topic. The previous 1 year old topic was about the old Safe Browser version 0.7.0, not the new one (Peruse). Confusion here is not abnormal :wink:
The opening post of this topic contains similar instructions like the video.

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Thank you for this guide, it worked perfectly! :smiley:
If anyone wants to see, head over to safe://home.chickenbacon

Edit: Added some sounds when you click on things :wink:


Tasty! :yum: Like it!

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Thanks for the guide @JPL! That was easy. Got my first SAFE test site up and running in no time. safe://maid.safedemo`


Woo - that’s a really slick animation! Check it out @maidsafe


Definitely the most surreal site on the SAFE Network so far


Nice post, i am a web designer and I am very excited about the future of pages in the safe network


Hello everyone. I’ve known about SAFE for quite a while now. When I first bought some BTC I heard of the Maidsafe coin, and bought some without knowing much about the project, because I was just bowled over by the concept of a decentralized internet - it’s the future, and a necessary one.

I installed the authenticator and the browser programs in 2016, but didn’t open an account and let time pass by. Last year I saw that everything had changed and there is now this process to open an account and to start learning and using the SAFE network.

Fast forward and it’s now Nov 2018 and I figure it’s time to get up to speed. I’ve joined the forum(!) and I hope to earn the required level to open an account soon. But, all I’d like to know for the moment is a few websites that I can start to browse from within the safe browser? Basically, I have the browser installed but don’t know how to start using it…! Despite my knowledge of buying MAID, I do sadly need some guidance to start browsing the Alpha 2 network.

I uninstalled the old 2016 stuff last year, and I’ve now updated the SAFE browser I had installed with the “Peruse” browser. But until I get an account, what can I actually do? Where can I go? Also, was Peruse the right thing to install? Or SAFE Browser 0.10.2? The post here, as well as the general information at are both great, so I feel a bit slow basically.

My appreciation goes out to the Maidsafe team and all other contributors and supporters of what I believe will be the next step in the evolution of the internet. I believe in Maidsafe because it’s time for the net to become a real shared resource, and for privacy and civil liberties to be maintained.

Thanks for all and any replies! :slight_smile: