You won't believe these 10 shocking facts about Safe Coin, and number 7 will make you more attractive to the opposite sex

Haha… ok, sorry for the click bate title, but I was thinking on the train home.
I would love a repo of short, 1 sentence or less facts about Safe Coin and the safe network, that I can call upon occasionally to put in an email signature, a tweet, a post.

If we were a buzzfeed, what would we say to pique someones intrest?

I’ll start.

Safe Coin: Safe internet money.
SAFENetwork: Store your data forever.

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You WON’T BELIEVE how this node has aged


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Scottish money that you can actually spend.*

*:joy: please don’t ban me.


SAFECoin/SAFENetwork: Get paid to change the world.


Major data leak unveiled : the whole internet is under privacy attack, 99% computers at risk. Scottish developpers find a workaround.


Slow-mo section split ( youtube only bait )


Safecoin: The internet’s cash.
Safenetwork: The digital superior of the hippocampus.

“Oppressive governments HATE him” :P…


David met Viv and what happened next will BLOW YOUR MIND


SAFENetwork: Secure your documents with data chains.
/ Secure your information with data chains.
/ Secure your e-data with data chains.
/Lock up your data door with data chains.
/Lock down and protect your business digital assets with data chains.
/Secure your family privacy with data chains.

Get the government out of our bedrooms

Stop Google, Amazon, Apple from listening and recording all our conversations


Be like George, use the SAFENet, George Orwell always activates privacy on the web camera in his front room.


Think outside of the blocks; SafeCoin


Lock her up. With data chains. You’ll never see her emails again! Oh, wait…

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SAFE Network, because only data should be chained.


In the beginning there was only blockchain then David said let there be datachain!


I was thinking of something similar the other day for a medium article.

I was thinking in regards to crypto.

This Crypto Currency is Not Based on Blockchain Technology. It’s One of A Very Rare Breed That Isn’t Just Another Copy Cat Coin. Instead it Uses Something Remarkably Unique Called Proof of Resource. What’s Proof of Resource You Ask?

11 Years In The Making, 30+ Developers, A community of Over 10,000, 75 different apps already developed or being developed, fully functioning web browser, tens of thousands of farming nodes, over 20 million dollars in currency circulation, over 3000 websites, artists, producers… Welcome to internet 3.0 - 100% fully autonomous, private, secure and with its own currency.

In the future we realised our Internet was under attack and so we built a new one. One that was fully anonymous, decentralised out of government and corporate hands. No one controlled it, we all controlled it. We called our network the SAFEnet. The SAFEnet was designed to be autonomous and it was. More and more data began flowing from the clear net to the SAFEnet until almost all of humanity was using the SAFEnet. Our medium of exchange was called Safe Coin. It was the life blood that fueled the system. In the beginning Safe Coins weren’t worth anything but slowly they began to outpace all other currencies both digital and fiat. People tried to horde as much as they could and some even went to war over them. Safe Coins became the most valuable resource on the planet. If you owned safe coins it meant that you owned data and some level of control of the net. Those who had the most also controlled the most assets and with that, their own destinies. I am from the future. Buy Safe Coin today.