"You need to log in to see that topic."

Why did I just now get this notice when I clicked an email notification for a topic I’m following?

I’ve never seen this before, in that or any other topic.

might help if you specified what topic you are talking about


oh - right - i see what you are talking about … probably because of the poll i would assume …

(maybe random people from outside should not be allowed to see who voted for what … or so … could have been the motivation to make polls logged-in-only :thinking: )

Because the poll sub-category is only viewable by trust level 1 and above. And you need to log in to to see it.

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@Halvor is trust level 2 right now, so that’s not the issue.

But it is the reason that he had to log in though. Hint is in the title :wink:

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Still, I believe I’ve received notifications for this thread earlier and viewed it before logging in. At least this is the first time I encounter this message. Anyway…

The system remembers your login and if using the same machine then it does not require login (often)

Although I have noticed more than once where the system treats me as logged in and then suddenly wants me to log in. (twice in 2 years) The software is not perfect but pretty good in that respect.

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