You have 2 years to protect magnetic data from a super flare

You have 2 years to preserve all of the planets electronic data.
How would you do it? What medium?
Would having a starting point as the SAFENetwork be an advantage (Assume all data has been migrated to the SAFENetwork)?
(Select * FROM safe net that can rebuilt a civilization) I’m thinking SOLID would be a massive help.

This will happen at some point…

Would it be possible to put your hdd in a lead container?

Declare a Global Data Emergency, mobilize the world population and release the Intergalactic SAFE Network.


A Farriday cage. (20 chrs)

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Maybe Elon musk satellite internet could be also a safe network (there should be deployed vaults in each of them) and because it’s the space of course it’s protected!!! Just a thought but my mind is going to explode! I will propose it to maidsafe and see if they can contact elon

Underground vaults also are good.

Water also absorbs the radiation

But in any case if given 2 years notice then its easy, just a bit of work to do. Most data, apart from home, has backups and major companies have data disaster recovery plans in place.

The 2 years allow for those backups to be located in places protected from the super flare and lead boxes become a popular sale item.

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Moving into solar cycle 25, the sun has gone quiet and should remain so for at least 40 years (Grand Solar Minimum) …so it’s a hypothetical that should have been well mitigated by the time it happens.

What is an issue though is ‘Galactic Cosmic Rays’ that are a result of the magnetosphere weakening. The last time they intensified bigly was during the ‘little ice age’ 400 years ago (last GSM) but of course they didn’t have electronics back then.

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Time to invest in some feraday blankets. When the day comes wrap your equipment as snug as a bug. Bathe in sunscreen, dress yourself with heated borate clothing, and lace your room with some shungite. Now pass the bottle and the pipe. You don’t expect me to experience such rarity without a little mental rattling DO YOU!? :astonished: :grinning:

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Optical disks are great in this case. If you still have a way to burn and read them, that is


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Oki :slight_smile: (20 chats)

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Lol always here! Dealing with some personal issues here and there but moving forward. Although we always say it, looks like something is right around the corner for SAFE, but it does feel more like it recently with the better documented and organized progress reports from the team in Scotland :heart: I’ll try to post more often tho! Wish I had rhymes to match yours :cry:


I hear that bra. SAFE is about to pop off!! :grin: We waited more or less patiently. In my case on the sidelines for a good minute.

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What medium? DNA most likely. It’s compact, isn’t affected by emp, can store ungodly amounts of information in a tiny space and can last thousands of years especially if stored correctly. We already have research on converting digital information to organic. So it wouldn’t be that far fetched if we were facing a catastrophe to perfect the process and start creating a DNA backup. No one said the archive had to be re-write.

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wooooooooooooooooooow dude thats awesome! :smiley:

Like seriously I’m surprised we arent already doing this for archival data. Public domain works, research data, anything considered public knowledge. I mean yes SAFE is awesome but it would be better with organic node backups in case an emp hit. Yes you might lose “current events” but you’d save the bulk of human knowledge.

Speaking of archive data. Are archive nodes still a thing? @maidsafe