You have 1-1.5 years tops to release this project (articles 13 and 11)


So, the EU is doing the unthinkable. And is passing article 13 and article 11. It will be signed into law at the latest 2 years from now in the member states.
These mean that there will be no more Google, no more Youtube, no more Twitch, no more Reddit, no public forums of any kind, so no Twitter, no Imgur, no anything that makes the internet good. We’ll still have bloody RT and the assorted state-run media companies, those won’t be affected… But we’ll be geolocked out of the rest of the internet entirely, because nobody will want to touch the EU with anything shorter than a space elevator cable.
There will be literal riots, there will be anarchy as people who are used to thinking they’re free are suddenly faced with the reality of the world, that we’re enslaved to morons. Even if they repeal it, the EU’s reputation will take decades (centuries?) to build back up. “Hey, remember that time when you tried to go full China? I do. Good luck getting us to do anything even remotely like what you want, EU.”

I see no other project that even has the potential to make this kind of legislation impossible. You HAVE to succeed, the lives of a majority of the EU depend on you. Literally.

Apologies for the tone, but this news makes me so very angry and so very anxious. It just underlines how there’s no time left. You NEED to have a functioning (usable for the general public) version of this software done in one year, to allow for adoption before the fecal matter makes contact with the air circulation device.


EU Passes ARTICLE 13
How can the release of SAFE be accelerated?

While very much a bad thing for the web, it will help SAFE by adding to the need, incentive and adoption, and with implementation over the next two years the timing could be very helpful. Always a silver lining :smile:



Errr, to me that looks like a nice vision :slight_smile: all these platforms are the very ones that monetize our freedom, privacy and critical mind, who sell it to the best offering, help put in place the ugliest governments, and I would be more than happy if they disappear for good.

That being said, the SAFE project still is the only one in my opinion that can turn the current nightmare into a humanistic numerical world !



I think there’s a good chance it will end up being unworkable because it’s partly the product of backroom deals about unrelated matters rather than sensible technology led decisions. All member states are able implement it in their own way and the wording is very ambiguous - which means the 2 year deadline is likely to be missed and the courts will be clogged up with people looking to sue or create exceptions for their cause.



A lot of us should be okay because Britain will be out the eu soon :joy:



The EU, which started (Treaty of Rome or earlier) under the simple auspicious of benefiting trade between several sovereign countries, is attempting to usurp that sovereignty without ever having received the consent of the people. That’s tyranny and the solution is for all EU member countries to leave it and let the facade evaporate into ridicule.



What is this “Britain” you speak of, white man?

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Aw naw… mair Brexiteer numpties…



I can honestly see both sides to this argument because I have both created new content and also shared, downloaded, edited or curated existing content. If we are honest there is a good and bad side to this.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some sites completely ban all traffic coming from the EU and just saying you know what, screw you and your laws.

The ones that will truly benefit either way will be the VPNs.



This is just like the idiocy with the anti net-neutrality. This will be used for censorship. Anti-net neutrality was about continuing to monitize top down dictatorial mediums of censorship.

You in the UK should hope for a Brexit over this.
I wonder how much the US and its parasite firms had to do with forcing this through. Free speech is way more important than extraction and speech enclosure. I’d like to see the people push back with demands for charter and IP liquidation against these companies. For instance tell Disney to get out, revoke its charter in the region and then liquidate its IP in the region. You can see this crap in the US where the ISP under anti-neutrality gets to spy on you so it can figure out how to discriminate and throttle to extort more profit and then it uses its profit to lobby (with bribe money which is an obvious crime) against your rights and freedoms and reductions in both.

I am angry that SAFE is taking so long. Different countries are already claiming they can block apps, some likely committing crimes so they can have pretense to block apps like 8 chan. They keep asserting a right of secrecy and censorship. Does anyone for instance think the DNC and RNC have a right to anything but total transparency. I sure as hell don’t- they have no right to organizational to cover graft and bribery. They should be retroactively made transparent.

The US in the wikileaks material was found manipulating France’s elections likely to the advantage of the oppressive right, a conspiracy against UK labor was exposed. Gore won but we got a Bush a 2nd time, Bernie won but we got Hillary, Hillary won but we got Trump. And there were 3 Bush terms but another oppressor Bush thought he could come to hereditary power (instead of going to prison for even attempting to run- which should be the case with anti-nepotism laws) by saying off the scale idiot things like even though Americans are working more than anyone else working off the fraud and crime of austerity that people like me (Jeb) perptrated upon them the problem is they aren’t working enough for people like me and need to work more hours in short demostrating for all his obvious contempt and his belief that his countrymen had been reduced to disposable property and expendible slaves for his economic royalist master race.

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They simply cannot use copyright as an excuse for censorship because free speech has infinitely more value- literally no point in copyright without free speech. Much better to declare all copyright fair use public domain and create a completely voluntary anonymous tipping system, IP was at least in the US only meant to optimally prime the pump for creative works the benefits of which essentially belong to the public and never meant to create or sustain a class of self appointed rent seeking overlords that could enclose and censor speech.

I think this think only good thing is there is 2 years to fight this in every way imaginable starting immediately. It seems like an attempt to destroy both the EU and the net. It reminds me of that f-ing idiot(!) Ajit Pai and the equally moronic Ted Cruz congratulating him for curtailing people’s speech for profit. These people’s heads seem to be filled with a virus that will burn the world to the ground. Pai was filled with glee when pissing on peoples rights.



Ok I’m not familiar with the fine print of this legislation but there are open source alternatives to Google, youtube, facebook etc. Diaspora, Media Goblin, Hubzilla, and platforms like Duckduckgo exist. So perhaps this would create more competition and drive more traffic to those open source platforms.

Still this is problematic and does create more pressure for SAFE to be completed as soon as possible. My thought is what happens if other governments get similar authoritarian ideas. That’s why we need to take such options clearly off the table.




Britain is this wonderful little place that has invisible borders that separate it into 3 different countries. Oh and also half a little island or Ireland that sits very close. The laws of this land are mostly put in place by another wonderful mass of land and islands that goes by the name of Europe, which also has many invisible borders to become this “all knowing what’s best for everyone” entity called the European Union. These laws are put in place even if they have catastrophic outcomes for the people that inhabit these “countries”. Some of these laws are becoming so intrusive on people’s lives that it is becoming a crime to have an opinion. Fortunately in one of these countries within both Britain and Europe there is a little place called Ayr and they are working on a project that could have disastrous outcomes for some of these laws. Hope this helps.



A crack team of coders, designers and engineers are working
hard to prevent members of the public going to prison for
crimes of freedom of speech that up until now have not existed.
Today, security and privacy is threatened by governments and
private organisations, this team survive as developers of freedom,
building a maximum safe and secure SAFENetwork.
If you have a privacy problem, no one else can help,
and if you can find them… maybe you can hire…

The Ayr-Team.



Already happening…

and another…


These two from today, i usually ignore these warnings and move on… and think who cares about that content anyway.

But, this article 13 and 11… and also GDPR… external websites to Europe are already starting to
Sad eh?

Anyone else with more examples.



Few things are scarier than dumb idealism. In what way would the internet be more useful if we didn’t have ways to find and, if we want, share content easily? Are you familiar with the scale of building a service like that? Because only then can you suggest app developers on the Safe Network will come up with alternatives overnight. They will be great services but they do not exist.

This new law is either crazy stupid or it is purposely nefarious. It claims to protect citizens (it has to make such claims or else nobody would support it) but it completely ignores the second order effects the other side has been so desperately pointing out: people will not be held liable, but most companies won’t be able to afford to provide the service. (Interestingly though, it’s the biggest ones that will be best off because they can afford to develop the tech to filter copyrighted content. In fact, many of them not only have it but it’s already in production.)

Yes, there’s a need to protect people from unreasonably high copyright related fines, but the solution is probably not to destroy the services they could use to break copyright but to regulate the rights of companies that can demand such unreasonable fines today.

As for Google, Twitter, etc: these companies, having to please their advertisers who, in turn, have to please the public, are naturally motivated to filter out a lot of crap people don’t want there. They are more democratic than countries because that’s how they stay in business. Now don’t get me wrong, they will trample individual’s rights with no remorse as long as they can get away with it, but they aren’t different from governments in that regard.



I’ve set up Tor to not use EU exit nodes since GDPR went live.

If anybody’s interested, you just have to add this to tor-browser_xx-XX/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc:

ExcludeExitNodes {at},{be},{bg},{hr},{cy},{cz},{dk},{ee},{fi},{fr},{fx},{gf},{pf},{tf},{de},{gr},{gl},{hu},{ie},{im},{it},{lv},{lt},{lu},{mt},{an},{nl},{pl},{ro},{pt},{sk},{si},{es},{se},{gb},{uk}
StrictNodes 1

I can’t remember if the second line is necessary. I expect we’ll soon have an {eu} region to make things simple.



Nah, it destroys competition, as always, regulation tends to disfavour little companies, that aren’t able to pay for licensing, lawyers etc, or in this case for the filtering infrastructure.



Thanks for the tips.

Sad and scary that we are actually having this conversation.



Found on Reddit: