Yet another moving maidsafe question!

Hi, long time lurker; 1st time poster. I’ve read all the related posts I could find but just want to double check something.

I’ve had some coins for a long while and wanted to move some to poloniex, so can you confirm the following - I’d need to move my coins back to omniwallet and then from there I can choose a specific number of them to send on to Polo? I mean I don’t want to put all of them on a SPOF exchange, then with the rest move them back to another wallet just under my control? There’s no way I can choose a set number of maidsafecoin to send direct from my cold wallet - is that right?

Oh and just so I’m clear do I need to send ALL the btc in that same cold wallet in order to move the maidsafe or would they travel with any transaction big enough to get the confirmations?


Hello Meth,
Welcome to the forum!
You’d need to import your private key into omni wallet, from which you can choose what amount of coins to send to Polo. By doing so, you’ve just exposed your private key to the internet and preferably would want to move all remaining funds to another address of which you hold the private key. Omni gives the option to use a wallet like Armory for offline signing, this is what I use myself. Pretty sure there’s also an option do this with Electrum, but never used this myself.
A fraction of your BTC will be used to send the Maid tx. Everything you won’t use will remain or sent back to the same address (?).
If you’re planning on sending some Maid regularly, you’re probably best off looking into Armory/Electrum offline transactions. If not, just move all your funds to a fresh address and you’ll be fine.
Hope this helps.


Yes, many thanks that’s a great help!


ugh I’m very very stupid, I just read your helpful comment and then did it wrong. I sent the funds in my cold wallet to omniwallet rather than imported the key, how screwed am I?

Your not screwed, just use the private key of your omniwallet.

But in my omniwallet i’m only seeing the btc I just sent?

It could take a couple hours for your Maidsafecoin transaction to show up in omniwallet. Omni protocol transactions such as Maidsafecoin transactions are verrrrrrry slow!

Thanks a lot, in that case it’s true; you ARE better than Trav! Whoever Trav is :relaxed: reminds self to breathe again


Just fill in your address at
Your tx should show up there, just to give you some more peace of mind :slight_smile:

If you’d find your maid still sitting in the same address, because you’ve only done a btc transfer than just send a little bit of btc back to the original address and just import the key into omniwallet.

Thanks, yes it looks at the moment like the latter; I’ve just done a regular btc transfer and the maid is still sitting in my paper wallet. I’ll try again if thats still the case in an hour or so.

Before doing that though I just wanted to say why isn’t every community in crypto as helpful amd responsive as you lot?! Its really been appreciated


That’s one of the first things I noticed too, and one of the many reasons why this particular project is worth backing, IMO

All the cryptocoins are soo complicated! My hearts starts pumping whenever I need to do something with my cold wallets. I need two hands already to count the times when I thought that I had screwed up and “everything’s gone!!1!”.


:joy: that’s really good to hear (in a way) as I tend to assume everyone knows their way around this stuff better than I do!

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The other day I was transferring my balance to an address at a new wallet. At the last second I decided to do a test run, so I sent 0.01 BTC instead of the full 6 BTC I needed to transfer. When I realised that I cocked up the address I almost vomited in relief. I’m $10 down rather than $6000 down.

Moral of the story: you can never be too careful in crypto.


Yikes! Yes that is much more scary :fearful: 6K is a real kick in the guts


Always do a test run first. That’s how I roll. I send less than 1 dollar and ensure it gets to right place and gets confirmed. If it is correct, then do a large move.


Back in Cryptsy days I received several deposits to my xrp wallet over the course of a week.
Not sure if it was Cryptsy or someone repeatedly making the same mistake.


So THAT is where my XRP went :cry:


No, that was MY XRP.

I’d be grateful if you could return it to me, @Savage. Thanks :wink:

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I was waiting for this :smiling_imp: of course I sent it back to the sender address at the time :innocent: