Yes, Technology is not going to solve all of our problems

I’m seeing a trend and would love it to stop. If you took a concept out of context you probably should stop. If you chopped up the title of this thread for your own personal gain, you should probably stop.
In other words if you grabbed and ran with an Idea then reported on it; please stop. The first thing that comes to mind is “Every truck driver should be taken out of a truck and made a programmer”.

This was a solution being bounced around on how to mitigate massive job losses from automation. What other industries are thriving? What other industries will probably be around for the foreseeable amount of time. I’ve tested this! People love the gloom and doom SHIT. And it’s just that, SHIT! At no point was that comment meant to mean “WE SHOULD TAKE EVERY F***** PERSON ON PLANET F**** EARTH AND TEACH THEM TO PROGRAM!”.

It was meant to make points of:

  1. that Science is not going anywhere…so that is a pretty safe bet
  2. assuming that an individual truck driver is not capable of doing anything other than sitting behind a wheel of a truck should qualify you for a fast ticket to being ushered out of your position of authority.
  3. if you are a paper pusher you probably should get off your lazy a** and get some type of valuable training. Or get something of value done. Because the artificial evaluation days are over. It happened on Jan 12 2009. Real value was created for the first time since ripping shit out of the earth and melting it down to be of some kind of use in manufacturing.

This is the frontier…you will see concepts presented that may not be directly reachable. Or only one persons experience in life. And thank god for that because that one unique experience is pushing forward technology. You may read some of it with the thought of this person is “mental”. This never happens. 6 billion or so people on the planet would dictate that not every person will have the same fluffy life as your pretentious a***. There are those who have left their desk to see what is really happening out there. To see what is being swept under the rug as to keep the illusion of success going. I promise you it’s not rosy. I encourage you to take a break from the illusion and just peer under that rug. It will force you to mold laws in a completely different way. Probably force you to start thinking 4D instead of 2D. Which translates to probably less law being passed. Or law being ripped up. So as to not slap down an all encompassing, broad sweeping ruling that only truly helps the 1%. Causing an epidemic of corruption.(that will never be reported on because of the amount of egg on the face) For these true whistle blowers to speak up is to betray their post. If you think any of these true whistle blowers are reported on you’re absolutely mistaken. Those reported on are for political dog n’ pony shows. We the people demand this modern day screw up. As Twitter singers, As The Facebook masquerade balls scroll on, and Youtube subscribers of honor.

btw the train tracks to then the shipping boats vision has absolutely happened. it’s just that the LITERAL BOLTING of wheels to the F*** boat didn’t happen. but that is what you are looking for AS A SPECULATOR CORRECT! YOU WANT THE WHOLE VISION SPELT OUT SO YOU CAN MAKE THAT EXTRA 5%.

Has anyone really believed that technology would, apart from some dreamers?

The thing technology does is enable us to do things cheaper and with less effort. Imagine trying to leave earth’s orbit without technology with just 1800’s technology (basically chemical)

Technology allows people to have more time, more ability to learn & discover more about our universe and in that we are able to address more issues that afflict us. So its not technology that actually makes our lives better. Technology though has enabled us to learn more about our universe and about ourselves and thus helped to improve the lives of most. And this trend will likely continue albeit with the usual bumps along the way.

When it boils down to basics without technology at all we would not survive at all. Fire is technology, flints was technology, spears is technology. Modern humans have always had that technology and we live with technology all the way from pre-modern humans (I don’t know the tech name) to today.

Yeah, that comment about making truck drivers programmers was taken way out there. As far as tech goes sadly it usually makes it into the wrong hands. I can appreciate the methodical approach to Maidsafe. 13 years is a long time to patiently piece together something.

I’m very vocal about Bitcoin tech because of just how resilient it has been to attack. Part of that resiliency is the promise of shedding oppression via Sanctions. Mommy doesn’t like you as a country…cut off your money supply. I’m pretty sure Maidsafe’s website has stated that blockchain is wasteful. I get that. But you can’t deny the promise blockchain tech holds of freedom. I’m all in the second huge amounts of compute isn’t needed.

American’s don’t realize that we have a social credit system just like China. Applying Sanctions made me think of that. I’ve got a friend who thankfully had the right connections. He had an issue with not paying a medical bill. Which he did pay or get taken care of. But the lawyer was pretty shady. So he had to wait I think almost a month for all that crap to get ironed out. All this drama was over trying to get an entry level job. It’s pretty sad how HTTP/1 has turned against it’s people. How TCP/IP has been used to disable somebody from feeding themselves. Feeding their kids.

what is sad about health care in my country is the political ruling class promised free/cheap healthcare. All that medical billing technology was supposed to lower costs. All that AI used to detect cancer was supposed to lower costs. come to find out the Affordable Care act isn’t so affordable now. they are still pushing it! President Trump made the threat that those who aren’t on health care now will regret it. most people can barely afford their bills when the have any real work done now. insurance rates sky rocket.