Wrong transaction

Hi guys,

I just withdrew my MAID from Poloniex and I sent it by accident to a Bitcoin wallet. Is there anything I can do to redo this?


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If you can ge at the private key, no problem


Where can I find the key?

which wallet did you send to?

Open up bitcoin wallet. And read this instructions.

Do you know the password to the private address? If there is no password, then you should do it, asap before somebody sees it. If there is a password, then you’re out of luck.

I send it to Breadwallet (BTC)

Let me explain my (dumb steps) so you get a better understanding of the problem:

1 I went to Poloniex

2 I withdrew MAID and used my Bitcoin wallet (Bread app) as the deposit address.

3 I got a message from Poloniex that the transfer was succesful

4 I never got my MAID in the Bitcoin wallet…

Ok the advice is, get the 12 word seed you got from breadwallet,

use that 12 word seed on a mycelium wallet,

then https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3awpwp/can_i_export_mycelium_private_keys/

and get the private key out of mycelium

then import the private key to omniwallet.org if you need access to those maidsafecoins right now

to add: not sure which other 12 word seed wallets like mycelium are compatible with the breadwallet one; if anyone knows more information please post


Noob question, is the private key, the public key? I cant find a private key anywhere.

@dallyshalla You seem to be a resident expert. Do you think a pinned FAQ on wallets and related issues about moving MS around would be helpful? And then that FAQ can be used to address any other issues when the MAIDSAFECOINS go to SAFECOINS or whatever. IMO its going to turn into a dogds breakfast arounfd here if some of these all important details are not properly organized. I hope that @MisterJohnWest has success remedying his situation.


Unfortunately I haven’t, but I would love to help to set up a step by step redo-manual as soon I successfully retrieve the faulty transaction.

You’re in good hands with these guys here. If you have the PRIV key or seed. You’ll be fine

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Thnx. But maybe I’m explaining it wrongfully. I have fully access to the wallet, but I transferred a MAID coin to the wrong wallet…

It just shows up as “transferred” and 0.01 cent USD, but that is not the amount that I’ve send…

copy your public key showing in the screenshot above.

go to https://www.omniwallet.org/ and paste the public key there.

this should display your maid balance (a normal btc wallet will not show maid because they are on a bit of a different layer of the blockchain than actual btc but the omniwallet should recognize them.)

as for the backup phrase I am not sure how that translates to a private key…

the private key usually will look similar to your public key and is used to take funds out of the wallet or move funds to a new wallet…

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Do not show your public key if it does not have password!!

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But how does the Mycelium wallet know what was send to the Bread wallet?

What is the point of copying an address that has nothing send to it?

I have a Poloniex account and a Bitcoin Bread wallet. By accident I transferred my MAID to the Bitcoin Bread wallet. (I have full acces to the Bread wallet). I saw the transfer struggle for a bit in the app, and it failed a few times, but after a few hours 0.01 USD showed up, and the app said: “transaction complete”. By then I realised that you can’t send one type of cryptocurrency to another type of cryptocurrency wallet. Now I would like to undo this transaction, or at least transfer it to somewhere it is MAID.

@MisterJohnWest, what we’re trynig to do is get at the private key; The Breadwallet is designed without sharing the private key, and you can recover it with the 12 words that happened when you made the wallet.

Do you have those 12 words at the time when you made the wallet?
The recovery phrase is created when you launch breadWallet for the first time

Breadwallet wont give us the all important private key; But the mycelium wallet will if we enter the 12 word seed you got from breadwallet into mycelium

P.s. Try not to post any screenshots in the open; if that was really your private key you’d be in a world of hurt potentially…


Ok thanks, good to know, I thought a piece of they key wouldnt be a problem, but I will not do it again :slight_smile:

Yes I have the he twelve words. I followed the steps of the reddit, and entered them in the mycellium wallet…


Your breadwallet is only programmed to look for and display bitcoins.

The MAID coins are in the wallet (and it is okay to send MAID to a bitcoin wallet as long as you can get the private key) but the breadwallet is not able to detect them.

The omniwallet on the other hand IS programmed to detect other types of coins such as MAID.

It should give you some peace of mind to see your balance in the Omniwallet to ensure your MAID is safe and sound. :slight_smile:

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now you should be able to get the private key

accounts tab export the wallet

But as you can see on the screenshot, there is no option in the account tab that exports the wallet.

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