Wrong sent maidcoin to bitcoin address

my friend had wrong sent maidcoin from coinpayments to luno bitcoin wallet
, then she request that address private key from luno to recover it but luno never give her private key. now luno told her unfortunately she has lost her maidcoin.
may i know how to get private key from another way?

If the wallet provider can’t give your friend her privatekeys, it could mean that she lost her coins FOREVER.

NEVER use a wallet that doesn’t enable you access to your privatekeys, if you don’t own your privatekey, you own NOTHING (sorry for screaming).

This financial freedom thing comes at a hefty cost: “own responsibility”

In the future I would advice to use Omniwallet.org, but she should never forget her omniwallet walletID and always make a backup of her privatekey which is possible with this wallet. Good luck and hopefully she didn’t loose to much :worried:


sadly to hear about it, she will lost 2000 maidcoin but it is too much for her. anyway thanks for the info from you.
the wallet provider -luno told me the reason they hold the private key and won’t give to anyone is because of the security to protect each bitcoin wallet to be stolen. but luno bitcoin wallet only can access bitcoin, cannot access others coin and her wallet no bitcoin at all, why they dont want to help her? because this is the only way is get the private key from luno to recover it. too sad!
do you have any idea let me send ticket to luno support to get my friend wallet private key.!

There’s really nothing that can be done if they aren’t willing to hand over the private key, and it looks like that is the case. I don’t know how big their company is, but you could try to offer them some sort of cash bounty to make it worth their time. For ~$1100 worth of coin, though, I don’t think you could offer enough to be worth the trade. You may want to keep an eye on that wallet for the future, though. If the coins actually skyrocket like people here think they will, they may gain enough wealth to make it worth the companies’ time to recover it for you.

Simply losing coins like that is unfortunate. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and learn from your mistakes. The crypto world is volatile and unforgiving.

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What if you asked them to send the MAID for you. Surely they can confirm the request is valid then all they need to do is send the coins for you. Obviously a fee would need to be paid for the transaction and them doing the work.

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