Wrapped Safe Network Token

How would one create a wrapped Safe Network Token (SNT), that is, one SNT is a wrapper for another? For example, Token A is wrapped by Token B. The Token B effectively reduces the circulating supply of Token A by 1 and increases the total supply of Token B by 1 . Unwrapping the Token B token reduces the total supply of Token B by 1 and increases the Token A circulating supply by 1.


Safe Network Token is still being developed and further fleshed out right now. There is already progress on the Digital Bearer Certificate (DBC) implementation but still not ready for prime time. Nor is the network but again, great progress is being made.

So far there has been talk of DBCs (of which SN Token is) being a general tool, similar to how data types are general tools or building blocks for apps and that DBCs could contain a type field which could be quite flexible.

If I understand correctly there could be a type for NFTs, alt coins with different parameters, wrapping of an asset or multiple assets, etc etc.

This topic has more in depth info on the subject.