Wrapped MAID (ERC20 token)

NO, the big exchange demand high trading volume of maidsafe. And if not they will delist maidsafe exactly same as Poloniex. The listing is not solution for this stage.

(If there is enough trading volume, The poloniex didn’t delist maidsafe. It is really easy and clear)

I think at least after Fleming, we could talk with exchange about listing to show them the Fleming network.


I started investing in cryptocurrency about seven years ago. And I learned many thing with fatal failure.

So I have a lot of maidsafe coins, but at the same time I have distributed my crypto assets on the assumption that SAFE network may not be launched at this bullish wave.

This seems to be the best advice I can give. And I hope that I will see all of these old devoted members at the end of long tunnel.

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Centralized exchanges do have the advantage of that’s most peoples comfort zone. I would be willing to trade on a DEX, but might have to learn how if we aren’t using the TRON one. Just curious where other’s stand on this.

Would you be willing to move your MAID trading operations to a DEX?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but would have to learn how
  • No

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It will happen if we foot the bill and engage in effective marketing. If, however, a working product is not delivered in good time, all such efforts would have been for nought.

On principle I like the idea of DEX. That being said, there are still significant challenges from low liquidity to front-running that make DEX an inadequate alternative to standard exchanges. See https://blog.gnosis.pm/decentralized-exchanges-have-a-problem-7e6d81d91ba1 and https://hacken.io/research/education/decentralized-and-centralized-exchanges-advantages-vs-disadvantages-aa9a27da4584/ for further discussion.

If the goal is to get to higher trade volume and better buy opportunities, DEX is not the appropriate solution at this time.


Is their anyway to get a price on a real exchange such as binance? How do we get that conversation started?


The problem is that Maidsafe is likely holding Maid’s and selling as required to pay costs … the funds they are able to get for those Maid likely depends on having a decent exchange to trade them on and of course the ability to maintain some price stability too. So I just don’t agree with you that we can wait until Fleming to get listed on an decent exchange. Frankly, I think this is an emergency all-hands-on-deck situation.

The problem with this is that we are polling to the choir here on the forum. If we want higher volumes, then we need listing on a major exchange I suspect.


UniSwap have 80m$ on-chain NOT fake liquidity…


No, I dont think the team is under emergency financial crisis. Include me, many people do pratical help to maidsafe team with silent. And they are down sizing team already.


I’m not meaning that they are out of cash today … I’m implying that the situation could easily become dire in 6-12 months if there isn’t a market. Where are they going to sell a large amount of tokens to pay wages if there is only a tiny market somewhere? They will destroy the price and value of the tokens they are holding. So, yes, it is an emergency IMO.


The bittrex is not that small exchange. But the volume is low. So the low volume is not just exchange problem. The solution is enlarge “demand of maidsafe coin”. And for this we showing the network really working.

The listing is not solution. And big exchange easily delist low trading volume token.

I think if we list maidsafe on big exchange now. We will be delist from exchange in a 6 month. They demand foundation and communtiy to keep trading volume over 1~20m dollar per month. Is it not possibe for maidsafe now.



Bittrex having low volume is because of Bittrex. It does not reflect the interest in MAID.

Naturally progress on the product side will increase interest, but ATM there exists unserved interest due to a lack of options. It would be good to serve that interest, allow for it to increase MAID’s value, and ensure greater value of Maidsafe’s MAID capital reserve.

Moreover I think it’s consistent with the principles of SAFE to allow any who wish to invest in SAFE to do so. Access for everyone to invest in Safe Access For Everyone.


I think the problem with the relative low Bittrex volume even if Bittrex is a big exchange is because they can’t allow US customers to buy certain coins. Bittrex volume for MAID is now similar to what is was on Poloniex after they dropped US customers.

Bittrex high volume is for coins that includes US customers.

It would be very good to reach US customers again but most of them seems like they are stuck on big central exchanges.A DEX migh help some.


This is very true. Let’s recall that not too long ago MAID had daily trade volume in the millions. To get back to that we must counteract the lack of options (e.g. no high volume exchanges, no US market access, etc.) and the stream of negative news over the past year (e.g. staff leaving, ineffectual marketing, delayed Fleming release, etc.). This community can’t fix all of that, but we can pitch in with marketing support, which includes paths to new exchange listings.

Also, I would not hang all hope on Bittrex. They have made several terrible strategic choices over the past few years. What was once one of the most dominant exchanges now has markedly lower trade volume and market share. https://bitcoinist.com/bittrex-exchange-is-in-trouble-in-depth-analysis-reveals/


I still think if we can get 100+ mil of OMNI tokens burnt into ERC20 tokens with only a couple of days of administration work. That will provide enough protection and liquidity to help support the OMNI tokens on bittrex through arbitrage and allow Maidsafe enough time to complete a decent runway to launch Fleming.

I understand that with Bittrex exchange currently online, Maidsafe have no absolute need to go through this process, but for the sake of insurance and additional attention I think its worth it.

They already have 20Mil to immediately convert, and I would say there is easily 100Mil+ worth of tokens that the community will swap in a short period of time.


Polls regarding forming a community created foundation to get Maid listed on more exchanges are now available here: https://safenetforum.org/t/maid-listing-on-exchanges-via-community-created-foundation/


Creating a foundation for the SAFE Network is not a bad idea, but now is not the right time, and it shouldn’t be started for the wrong reason. Erc20 is the wrong reason. Trying to get noticed by some shady crypto exchange is the wrong reason.

Any official foundation should launch with the network.


We have waited for so long… is it really important to swap what we have for ERC-20, right now? Can´t we wait some more? I would rather wait than go through the problems this swapping might entangle


I think we would all rather wait, but given the threat of the cash-flow drying up and Maidsafe being unable to pay dev wages then its more than prudent to have a plan.


Even if this option is selected, it will be optional, not required. Only if you want to trade with ERC20 MAID. As a holder you do not need to do anything.


Yes please. Uniswap.io is bringing some incredible innovation to DEX’s. It would be a shame to not have MAID become easily available to those that want it. Not to mention that if BTC becomes widely used as a store of value people wont be able to easily move their MAID around without paying a ridiculous amount in transaction fees, in many cases it will cost more than the value of their MAID to make a transfer.