Would've Watched This Video! [Censorship Watch]

Not going to say this as I don’t want to be de-platformed or de-monetized.

A very common phrase now on YouTube, and people are falling in to line of fear of
losing their income. So common, I ask myself why am I not writing these occurrences down.

How about we have a long running thread to list anything we detect related to this, listing channel names and presenters as well as links to possibly de-platformed channels and their alternative channels if they exists.

Hopefully, people searching for their favorite de-platformed channels may find us and learn about the safenetwork… and upcoming services.

This guy was recommended by the YouTube algorithm as I watch, Louis Rossmann.

Eli the Computer Guy

talking about another channel that was de-platformed, but since restored, but channel owner is moving and looking for alternatives.

am looking forward to people using a safe:// platform.


Good idea but it might also attract very bad chanels being posted that we don’t want to promote. Please think it through if you really want this topic, I’am concerned, we already have some problems with politics and such on this forum with focus on software development.


Yea… Good point.

I was hoping there are many good channels that are looking for new homes.

Louis for example, mac repair is already on other platforms. His content isn’t really divisive - he stand up for the right to repair macs and other consumer products.

I think there are enough family friendly channels that are moving away from YouTube that we could list.

… I’d be happy for this thread to be closed if its taken down the bad route.


Here is a site being developed with Ben Swann. I’ve been following this guy on and off for years. He started on a local Ohio broadcast TV station doing investigative journalism. He was very popular with the Ron Paul crowd back in the day. The basic idea behind their site is a censorship resistant YouTube. So if you get kicked off somewhere because your content doesnt fit the narrative, you can post it here. I have a feeling when safe goes live these folks will hop onboard pretty quick.


Hopefully there will be room for all on SAFE, including these folk…

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I doubt we want to list them all since its hundreds per month, many being things like flat earth scammers and other types of scammers. But as I said in the update thread I have been talking to a few creators who have had to curtail their content and/or words/phrases they use and/or just mentioning some topics (briefly or not)

Not sure what we gain by listing them here. Safe is too far away if they get banned from youtube now/soon.

Contacting the creator mentioning that within a year or two that Safe will be going live and be censorship resistant would be much more useful to them. (Don’t say proof since many will think its a claim too far)


The reasons to move to Scotland just keep piling up. :grimacing:

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