Would this be extreme price manipulation by the SAFE Network?

Let’s say SAFEcoins are made divisible and the smallest unit of account is ‘made into a day worth of storage/computing’ by the SAFE Network.

I guess what I’m asking is: What if only 50μBTC were mined every 10 minutes the first 4 years and after that it was 100μBTC per 10 minutes and so on? In bitcoin’s case we also have transaction costs, what if every transaction was just 1μBTC. Would this whole idea make bitcoin way more valuable then it is right now?

My thinking is because bitcoin was a novel idea, it would be used regardless of people having to pay 1/50 to make a transaction.

No idea what you’re talking about.

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I think that right now our idea is that the SAFE Network would charge 1 SAFEcoin for 1mb storage.

But what if SAFEcoins were made divisible and the SAFE Network would set the smallest unit of account to be worth 1mb storage? Storage doesn’t seem to be all the valuable in the future, especially now with 1TB of free storage.

So it will come down to the price of computing. What if the SAFE Network could offer that for 1/10th the price of what it cost to compute on other platforms? This would undoubtedly be notice. So I guess what I’m asking is what if storage is cheap and what if computing is 1/10th the current price of other providers out there.

That is incorrect, It is worked out dynamically and while plenty of space the cost of PUTs is very small. Maybe a few GB or more per coin.

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