Would Net Neutrality Effect MAIDSAFE?

Just watcheds this video about 'Net Neutrality and although I’m already aware of the subject, (hence why im here) I was wondering in what way would this effect the Safe network? I’m guessing the network would be either blocked or slowed down by the telecom companies.

They should know what SAFE data is and what not if they want to block it.


I can’t remember who it was here (or at least I think it was here) with some more thorough knowledge about how ISPs do their thing, but it’s more complicated than that.

As I remember, it can happen that if you go above your “limit” (i.e. what your ISP considers fair use) they can just start throttling everything that isn’t one of the well known sites (e.g. a list of the 100,000 most visited websites), and P2P nodes are not typically covered by that. NOTE: net neutrality will just let them throttle even those websites I guess.

In other words, if what they do is not blacklisting “bad” nodes but whitelisting enough “good” ones that most users won’t ever complain, then it’s not gonna help if SAFE can’t be fingerprinted.

Also, I’m not talking about blocking, but throttling: stuff can be made slow enough that it’s almost useless, but not enough so that you can raise a “real” complaint (they’ll just point at some small print somewhere in the footnotes of your contract.)


This video is hogwash.

Use the state to stop the state regulations. kek. This is baffling. This entire system is build ontop of the state regulations. If you want to stop it, stop asking permission!

Start using CJDNS, and start taking over the ISP. This is the best solution to tell the state, and corpration ISP to fuck off.

NN benefits the state. NN is ANTI-FREEDOM

Most bills with flashy titles end up doing the exact opposite of the title:

Some examples…

“The Patriot Act”

“No Child Left Behind”

“Affordable Healthcare Act”

All three of those do the opposite of what their title implies.
However, they had a great title so all the TLDR people that don’t want
to read the bills will of course want them to be voted for without
actually reading the bill.

In the U.S. a lot of bills can be read at votesmart.org. If you
read some of them you’ll quickly realize using a FEEL GOOD title for
something that is very different from the title is a common tactic.

This is true of “Net Neutrality” as well.

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