Would it be possible to give a file multiple informational labels?

Okay I’m going to use the example of music files because that’s what I was noodling about with when I thought of this but I suppose this could apply to any type of file in general. Could one apply an informational label, similar to how mp3s have ID3 tags embedded in them that one encodes information like track names artist names, composer, etc. I was just thinking the filename for music files don’t actually change. All that changes most of the time is the tags which my music program reads and writes and given the size and makeup of the SAFE network this kind of detail is important. If a whole file needs to be reuploaded in order to change a minor detail this can cause stress on the network than if only a minor detail or a reference file for said details was changed. I’m not sure how that would all work but is there such a mechanism on SAFE or would one have to be created on the app level? What I’m thinking is one could share said references or tags along with the files themselves similar to how when one copies and shares a song the id3 tags move with it.

P.S. I’m sorry if this topic wasn’t filed correctly.

I was under the impression that labels could act in this way, but that stuff is new and I don’t completely understand them yet.

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