Would it be possible to create , store and use a webserver on the Safenet

I just have created an question regarding Proof of Existence (PoE) on Safenet.
This question is of the same category but is about file collections.

A web server is such a file collection and my question is:
is it possible to create a web server on Safenet and let people access it like an Internet Web server.
It would be a nice way to secure that web

best reagards


Yes, although it won’t be a server the conventional sense. The files stored in a container can be the files of a static website accessed directly by the browser.

In addition, there is a plan that all containers will be versioned making it possible to access every version of every container and it’s content (eg a website) forever. The internet archive built in, and because the files can’t be altered without changing the version of the container this prevents hacking or sneaky changes even by the container owner.

So users can be assured that a website is the website they expect and has not been altered without them being able to know.