Would it be possible for SAFE tokens to piggyback on proof of resource?

Imho SAFEcoin’s distribution method is the best feedback mechanism for true value contribution to the SAFE Network. There are silly things (actually super fun :stuck_out_tongue:) like airdrops that enable tokens to spread throughout a network like this Earn.com Airdrop. And I foolishly assume that earn.com got over 100K users, so it’s a valid way to provide existing users with something that’s maybe valuable.

I’m too lazy to look it up, but there was also an Ethereum project that did an airdrop and it turns out that one person had like a 100 emails/different addresses and after the airdrop all those tokens they received was send to 1 address, so a clear sign that it was just one person. I admit that the earn.com model at least eliminate sucha attack. Then there are just airdrops with projects just sending tokens to random addresses and questions popping up on r/ethereum why somebody received a token and… I would say that in all these instances it doesn’t really do anything for the network itself.

With proof of resource as distribution mechanism it’s a whole different ballgame, so I wonder would it also be possible for SAFE tokens to piggyback on proof of resource? So every time that a POR reward is given to a SAFEvault, it would result in a SAFE token being rewarded. Not that SAFEcoin needs a backup (Heck it’s the most revolutionary token ever imho), but it would be something different from the above. Is this at all possible and how do you do it? I’m a clueless consumer please explain it to me like I’m 5. High five!


I don’t understand what you are thinking of - what’s the difference between rewarding a vault for responding to a GET (proof of resource) and what you are thinking?


Let’s say that I have a project and I want to do an airdrop on the SAFE Network. I can just add the addresses of whoever wants the tokens, but what would be more beneficial to the SAFE Network as a whole is if you could do your airdrop to specific people (people running the SAFEvault). My airdrop tokens would only go to those who got rewarded through POR. This mechanism would also eliminate me faking it, by creating 100 of my own addresses and sending tokens to myself. It’s almost like microscopically reinforcing the SAFE Network, let’s say that a SAFEcoin is worth $1.20 and my token is $0.51. It would mean that just by running a SAFEvault with my airdrop you could receive $1.71 temporarily with your POR. Now imagine all new SAFE tokens taking this route…

LOL it’s the perfect way to minedfcuk central banks of the future, when they print a trillion dollars they can distribute it through POR (one might argue that something like the dollar wouldn’t go to the citizens of USA, but honestly there are more countries in the world who got dollars as the reserve currency in comparison to crypto’s). :stuck_out_tongue:


In the past it was possible to get the public key of all the nodes and I was even able to publish sites displaying all the nodes in the form of a galaxy with constellations representing sections.

But the message to retrieve them has been removed and I am not sure if there is a way around it.


The fun part, is that a central bank doesn’t even have to put fedcoin into this lottery machine. This

And this

Is already fedcoin in the cryptospace, even worst somebody will probably create a SAFE Network version.