Would anybody be interested in development streams?

Hi all, Just gauging interest in something I’m planning in the coming couple of weeks:

All my career I’ve thought it would be great to stream software development, to help people learn, see what processes and mindset go in to the work, etc., but I’ve never worked on an open-source project of sufficient size or had a client okay to do it.

At the moment, I’m working on a couple of Safenet projects and have a client for whom I’m developing open source modules to plug their APIs in to various E-commerce platforms, as a result everything I am working on is fully open (and not under NDA) and I would love to share that with the world.

I just wanted to see if any members of the community would be interested in watching something like this - I know that I have a few friends who would be interested and a moderate Twitch following who would enjoy it too.



Absolutely would, and have had similar ideas myself. Reasoning in videos, about the concrete code solutions, rationale behind the various decisions, etc. Going through code, higher levels on whiteboard etc. That’s like the best stuff there is to watch :slight_smile:


absolutely - would love to look into those =) theres always a lot to learn from others and how they do stuff
an awesome idea :slight_smile:

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If anything gets streamed it needs to definitely be recorded to YouTube as well, so it can benefit people forever

OBS Studio is free and awesome for all of this and works on all OS’s


I would be interested as well! I’m considering learning a programming language and as a visual learner this would be awesome for me, even if it isn’t the language I choose.

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It will be a mixture of roughly 50% NodeJS, 40% PHP7 and 10% Rust. :slight_smile:


I enjoy such streams… I do find it somewhat challenging to find good ones to learn from…

The problem is that most experienced developers take too much for granted – They explain hard stuff, but fail to explain the everyday stuff. If I am learning the everyday stuff tends to be the hardest part and the least likely for somebody to actually sit down and explain.

I would watch for sure.


The unfortunate truth of my life is that I spend around 2 hours every day mentoring junior developers, so I will probably over-explain the simple concepts as I go through. :stuck_out_tongue:


okay for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

especially if one explains every step in detail you can spot stuff that you never would have noticed just by yourself =) i myself could surely learn a lot from you :slight_smile:


Every so often I try to livestream my game development, so I do appreciate dev streams. I wanna say yes, I’d watch, but whenever I say that, I find myself caught up with other things.

If you decide to do a live stream please put it on YouTube too. I and many people prefer to learn something in their own pace. Sometimes you have 1 hour free time in a month. Sometimes you have 40 hours in a week.

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That’s the plan - I won’t have time to curate the content, but I’ll upload the raw streams.


I’d watch your streams.

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I would be interested, too

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Hi guys, thanks a lot for the support - I’ve purchased a bunch of gear for streaming as a result!

My Twitch channel is: https://www.twitch.tv/badcodeshane

I’ll be doing my first live stream on Sunday 25th February at 12:00 GMT and I’ll be working on some Electron app development (namely, automatic generation of sitemap.xml files using the Safe-CMS) :slight_smile:


Adding that to my calendar.

Edit: Haha, looks like that’s 5 AM for me. Never fear, I’ve been waking up at 4:30 recently to get my daily writing out of the way. Useful advice from a batshit professor. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll likely be streaming for 6-8 hours, so don’t worry if you miss the beginning. :slight_smile: