Worrying typo found


This is in the “Web Hosting Manager” APP. It hopefully means “MB” (megabytes), but says “Mb” (megabits).


Good catch.

Although is it “worrying”? Since its about file size most people understand Mb or MB as MBytes.

For (EEP)ROM size or similar and for communications then its essential that people get it right because 8 times the difference in speed is important.


OT: aha, neo, you have access to edit without traces… :smile: well. OK… :smile:

On topic:
Yeah, I would say such things are about the least worrying things in the development stage. Looks and typos usually are quite low in the priority, and for that reason things are allowed to slip through, since it changes much and has little importance to functionality. It simply is not worth to put the nuclear power plant security routines in play at that stage ^^

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Just for anyone that edits their own post within 4 minutes the little edit symbol doesn’t show. It takes 4 minutes after any post or edit for the little edit register to increment.

True but they need fixing and pointing out. Someone at some stage will fix these typos and they are needed so that the product looks right and professional. Although a demo program is less important.


You can open an issue on the GitHub repo, or make a pull request to fix it.


Aha, of course. Had not seen that, but naturally, that’s common :slight_smile:

Yep, I agree completely, fixing and pointing out was nothing I objected to. Would just think these things are not worrying at this stage (for the reasons I mentioned) :slight_smile:

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Yes, I do consider it “worrying” in that such an obvious mistake would be done by people who are supposedly true geniuses for having been able to code the SAFE network and the necessary client software. To me, it means that whoever let that “Mb” in doesn’t know much or cares about getting things right.

I’d rather not. Not to sound rude, but this forum account was annoying enough to create. Many times in the past, I’ve found bugs that ended up never being reported because the authors are never happy with one medium, but require me to create accounts and “file bugs” and stuff manually. I rarely, if ever, find the energy to go through that after I have already (in my world, at least) reported it once.

Oh, I see experts get it wrong all the time. It needs to be fixed and fixed so that the team can be seen as competent, but its not worrying (yet at all).

You must remember that the error is in a piece of software that is to demo the alpha & testnets functionality. It is not software that will be used for final release. For this reason alone it would be OK if it never got fixed. But also its only in pre alpha 2 software when errors are expected.

So yes reporting it is good and I ask you continue to do so. I also ask you don’t add emphasis in most cases, even if its just for respect of the work load of the development team.


You might wanna read our Forum Guidelines. Bashing people that work an extreme amount of hours on this project for some typo isn’t really improving any discussion. Same for arguing about whatever while the founder & lead dev of a project is answering your questions on his free Sunday.

Lot of information to be found here and here and here. All your other questions will be answered here on this forum as long as it is a polite discussion.

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We are on a very early stages for testing, it is not intended for end users.

If you are finding flaws and see problems with the UI, well guess what, it is meant to be at this stage.

If you find it hard to collaborate, you might not be the power user you may think you are.
Come back next year when a more complete version is available.

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