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The Truth About the Mysterious ‘Tesla Tower’ in Texas

The chain of awarded patents demonstrate…this all originated from Tesla.

Design work is essentially complete and construction has begun on a full-scale “transmitter probe” that will be the centerpiece of the Global Demonstration Project that will demonstrate the ability to send megawatts of utility grade power to receivers placed around the globe.


Patents Assigned to CPG Technologies, LLC

Some standouts:

Embedding data on a power signal
Power internal medical devices with guided surface waves
Geolocation using guided surface waves
Object identification system and method
Global emergency and disaster transmission
Long distance transmission of offshore power
Global electrical power multiplication
Detecting unauthorized consumption of electrical energy

Emerging Energy Technologies - Geography 2050: Powering Our Future Planet:

Texzon Zenneck Wave Wireless Power Transmission - World Wide - Nupower Development

‘The world is about to change’ kek

If you had a worldwide wireless power system that never shut off, combined with the ability to embed data…would this in theory, allow for all data to be suspended in a perpetual flow, given massive bandwidth? i.e storage acts purely as backup…

Sorry, but the laws of physics are srongly against this.

Bullshit? sad if true…they sure went to a lot of trouble for a scam

There are allways pompous presentations and “almost finished” prototypes when they are gathering investors. Than there is usually long silence.

If their theory was correct and could be prooved, they would already have Nobel prize.

It is interesting how many people are still fascinated by old Tesla experiments that never worked.

EDIT: It doesnt mean it is scam, it could be, but sometimes people genuinely believe that they found somenthing and than they realize it doent work.

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Probably as viable as the majority of crypto projects then :smile:

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Reminds me of Flash Forward [shiver] (great TV)…

Ganwar Tower

Also, possibly…

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yes! predictive programming…it must be true :sweat_smile:

For me, the link to the original post’s article has two sentences which help to summarize the whole article.

“If their experiments with the tower are successful”

That ‘If’ is highly significant!

“Zenneck surface waves have not yet been experimentally observed.”

The tower has been built to use technology that has not yet proved possible to find, never mind to use.

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On November 16, 2018 (first video) they’ve committed to global ‘Feild Intensity Testing’ right now, with ‘Power Delivery’ happening sometime in 2019. The existing tower is a full commercial build, further units can be built over 12 months each…so they’ve put themselves on the line to deliver.

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True wireless power transmissions have been around for a century. A simple one is any radio transmitter, and why special precautions have to be taken when close to a transmission tower of TV and radio since the power levels a person gets in their bodies is dangerous when too close.

Beaming power from space using concentrated light/microwaves is being examined as part of ideas/plans to have solar collectors in space and “beam” the power to collectors on the ground. Pity any person/aircraft that crosses that beam.

The USA and Russia tested atomic weapons in the belts around the earth to see the effects of charged particles being introduced into the bands. Both countries discontinued the testing because it hurt themselves as much as the other and realised they could not use it for energy transmission, for disruption of radio signals or any other purpose without damaging themselves.

Tesla’s power transmission does not obey the laws of physics the way it was presented. Tesla was many things - a brilliant man, an eager showman, creator of ideas both possible and impossible in the real world. He is remembered mainly for his work on AC transmission and his showmanship. Many myths of his exploits mar the reality of the brilliant man.

His world wide power transmission has been known since Tesla’s time and any company in the past could have built them and made a fortune, there was no conspiracy to stop them. Now there was a reason they were not built.

Now it seems we have a man or group of men who are going to test the theories and lets see if it ends up more than a simple radio transmitter principle for wireless power or if there is some new science that can be demonstrated that has eluded man for around a century.

My money is on no more power transmission than would be predicted by a radio transmitter principle. Basically what our understanding of physics would give us and that would mean it would not be effective. To transmit enough power for the world from the tower to the world would mean electric fields enough to ionise the atmosphere and the subsequent consequences.

Shock Hazard

Zenneck Surface Waves don’t deliver a shock for the same reason radio station signals don’t shock you.

To create a shock, there must be a difference in voltage (or potential difference) between two points to overcome the resistance inherent in the material between the points. Your head and feet are a good example.

Due to the low field strengths created by Viziv surface wave systems (much like broadcast radio or television), the voltage potential between them is not enough to create a shock hazard. In contrast, when you touch an electrical wire, the voltage potential between the wire and your feet can be extremely high, meaning current will flow and energy will be dissipated through you.

This is why great care should always be used when working on traditional electrical wiring. Only through the use of precisely designed receivers can energy be transferred through Zenneck surface waves.

Don’t work on 50KW AM towers while its transmitting.

Even the inside of the offices at the radio transmitter have to either be far enough away from the tower or shielded. AM frequencies did not require much shielding to make an effective Faraday shield. Usually the antenna is designed to produce a donut wave pattern so that the bulk of the energy was not near ground near the tower.

The towers induce currents in metal objects. Teeth fillings, coins, key rings, iron in your blood, thats why you get a warm feeling from the melodies being played on the radio when you are working on/close to the tower. The microwave radio communication towers were a danger to workers if they were close enough in the beam.

The radio tower on top of the empire state building has killed because it was accidentally left on when the worker started on the way up.

You only refer to shock hazard but you do realise that microwave frequencies are now used in many radio towers (eg cell phone radio) and I am sure you know what can happen when hit with microwaves. Its all EM radiation and the intensity plays a big part in the effects it can have.

I can draw power from my tuned circuit miles away from the radio tower. So its a case of whether the object in the path of the radio wave (EM radiation) has any components that are of the right dimensions and geometry (a ring, key ring, etc) for any harmonic of the radio frequency.

Lets see what this Zenneck Surface Waves system produces if it works large scale or not

Yes all true and ‘Zenneck Surface Waves’ are a different phenomenon entirely it would seem.