World Wide Wed inventor Tim Berners-Lee aims to 're-make' cyberspace with 'pods' that store personal data controlled by the user


Users control which entities and apps can access their data.


Apps can access rich stores of data from any Pods, with user permission.


Pods store user data in an interoperable format and provide users with permissioning controls.

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@happybeing is working quite long on replacement of their “pods” by Safe Network.


@happybeing has picked at least two of the most important projects to work on. This and git.

There is a sudden wave of news articles about solid.


Not sure why as I can’t see anything new there :thinking: Probably just because they’re talking at the Reuters event.

It makes it sound like he is going to build the physical storage backbone as well, even though Safe can do it.

World Wide “Wed”?

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