World’s Largest P2P network BitTorrent announces new project BitTorrent Filesystem


This is great news for SAFE for 3 reasons.

  1. It underlines the need to roll the platform out by 2020, if possible, without any compromises on integrity of features. Mainly it reinforces that there is no wiggle time. Everyone needs to be working long hours in focused way to roll this out asap. Easy for me to say that : ) but we should not be too late after Dfinity and BTFS.

  2. More importantly, SAFE network provides BitTorrent users an alternative choice. Once BTFS launches and SAFE proves to be a better solution, that offers path to natural migration for BTT users.

  3. Technologically and architecturally, I think SAFE is far more superior to BitTorrent. Other technologists in this room can opine on this further but BTFS launch will help prove that. It is always easier to prove something with real working examples - which I am sure we can do easily after launch.

I didn’t get much out of the article. It says it is a fork of IPFS, but it didn’t really say how BTFS will be different beyond “Bittorrent engineers are awesome and will make it awesome”.
Bittorrent’s credibility sort of went out the window once acquired by Tron IMO


Yeah they’re not big on detail are they? Hype on the other hand …

Yes, a $4.6 million buffet with Buffett is not what I call efficient usage of money:

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