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Its no secret that the UN and their associated counterparts are using twisted statistics to propagandise a psychopathic drive to reduce populations - rather than reconsider the redistribution of wealth…

The core membership of administrative structures like the UN CFR & WEF and attendees of DAVOS are eugenicitsts who positively support genocide and sterilisation and work tirelessly to divert public attention away from biowarfare whilst encouraging general trauma bonding with toxic vaccines…

The unfolding UN Agenda 2021 involves a total re management of property and resources - its initial rationale based on the false premise that any material scarcity was a result of genuine lack - not just the pitiful greed of a self interested few.

Now that this engineered viral crisis has eroded the infrastructure a serious and predictable deficit is in the post. A redistribution of wealth is long overdue but unfortunately elitist eugenicists have placed themselves in charge of the processes…

The plan to restructure the geo political map as a global republic based on Plato’s archaic model has been centuries in the making. A self elected ruling elite trained in the occult are cementing their fake supremacy further securing their own dominance and dragging a stomach churning New world religion in with them at warp speed as planned…

A population of armlocked and subjugated workers are set to be kept in line by a whole tier of uniformed bullies further enforcing the the Great reset currently in progress… from what I’ve learned from some of the masked fascists I’ve encountered lately - there is an epidemic of self appointed authoritarians out there…swarms of self righteous sadists answering some kind of a call and just waiting for their civilian armbands…

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Because he cares about us.

That is the most random words thing, I have ever read. Where do you get your information that contradicts almost everything that is known?

And you have a hidden user profile, reminds me of a person that liked a few posts above and that have shown a very odd world understanding and view. It makes you wonder… :thinking: South…si…

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Or these “masked fascists” just might be normal folk who believe in the actual science that are sick of science-denying conspiracy theorists who insist on spreading their pestilence among us.


@tobbetj Dismissive comments about names and settings were no substitute for a sensible response - sounds like you need an information upgrade to give you an enhanced chance of participating properly. WEF eugenicists purposefully crashing economies whilst busily manipulating statistics and opinions is a serious issue. So ‘everything that is known’ clearly includes information outside of your personal range at the moment.

As for the masked fascists of all shapes and sizes at large and awaiting further instruction @southside it would be helpful if they identified themselves with a symbol or an acronym of some kind. I can think of a few. Some people obviously like being accessories as much as wearing them…

The rationale for the mass gagging and divisive distancing really starts to fall apart when the airborne feature of transmission is accounted for. Aerosols. 30 meter range. Pieces of virtue signalling cloth genuinely reducing respiratory health and encouraging behaviour modification but doing nothing to reduce the spread of an uncontainable virus…instead causing an epidemic of little dictators giving unwanted and usually muffled instructions in support of the masking and the lockdowns destroying lives and livelihoods everywhere…

The only sensible progress has been in researching ways to reduce the severity of the virus and the likelihood of contracting it. The BMJ released their findings on the stark correlation between d vitamin pathways and covid-19 - but WEF eugenicists are banking on their great reset and reduction of harm is not on the agenda.

3-5000 IU of Vitamin D3 K2 Mk7 daily is a vital line of defense. Vitamin D deficiency has been correlated with vulnerability to Covid-19. Supplementation can reduce the severity of the illness and susceptibility to it. Synthetic D3 increases calcium levels in the bloodstream and can cause vascular and arterial calcification. It is routinely prescribed without K2 which is an important counterpart as it ensures the extra calcium is redeposited into the bones. Mk7 is the most easily absorbed form of K2.

This readily available information doesn’t help increase panic or fill the coffers of a Jab manufacturer which is probably why it’s not been advertised much. Vitamin D3 with K2 Mk7 is like artillery but the WEF Great reset needs hysteria and its architects know it keeps the public pliable…

Many elders are often affected bad by Covid, people 70+. Older people with bad health and maybe lives in a elderly care and they tend to not be outside much and have D deficiency. You can’t draw conclusions if you don’t know which groups where more affected by D deficiency and if the science is verified by many studies.

Marked correlations between vitamin D & CoVid19

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From the article you linked " Sixty seconds on . . . vitamin D"

“Vitamin D Mitigates COVID-19, Say 40+ Patient Studies (listed below) – Yet BAME, Elderly, Care-homers, and Obese are still ‘D’ deficient, thus at greater COVID-19 risk - WHY?”

I believe media is a large part of the problem, they don’t tell readers enough about the so called “experts”, which could be Noble price winner or random joe’s sitting in their garage, having opinions about things.

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The WEF’s proclaimed Cyberpandemic has begun: defense, power, water, finance, and our supply chain are all vulnerable to massive disruptions after FireEye & SolarWind have unleashed weapons of mass digital destruction AND unlocked the back doors of governments, militaries, and nearly the entire Fortune 500. Christian breaks it down, and asks: “Who stands to benefits from this Cyberpandemic?” in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

Klaus Schwab is saying that it will make COVID look mild by comparison. He started pushing this around July.

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The title suggests at least 60 seconds of focus as the subject cant be explained in the time it takes for a single dismissive blink - I think thats the propagandists target. 2 seconds to compute. It will be a slow countdown backwards through the nanoseconds towards instantaneous brainwashing…it worked in nazi germany with less tech - the tavistock institute are still in operation and the exact same applied behavioural science is playing a large factor in the midst of this sanitised apocalypse…

Heres a cut and paste of the letter to the editor on Vitamin D and Covid-19. It takes a minute.

## Rapid Response:

### Vitamin D Mitigates COVID-19, Say 40+ Patient Studies (listed below) – Yet BAME, Elderly, Care-homers, and Obese are still ‘D’ deficient, thus at greater COVID-19 risk - WHY?

"Dear Editor

Vitamin D reduces COVID-19; infection; severity; ICU admission and mortality: as clearly evidenced by; immune biology, observational and interventional studies, and wider considerations of; latitude, seasonal UVB exposure, and national supplementation policies: the uncertainty is the quantum: but studies suggest ‘D’ effects are likely large - 50% less infectivity – multiples lower ICU and mortality rate.

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone, also present in limited dietary sources. For most, the major ‘D’ source is skin exposure to UVB in sunlight, which waxes and wanes seasonally. Supplementation is the only other option. ‘D’ with 50 metabolites[1] is more bio-actively influential than appreciated. Sensible ‘D’ supplementation has a 100-year track-record.[2] Side-effects are minimal.

Dexamethasone in the same structural steroid family as ‘D’, shares common VDR (vitamin-D-receptor)[3] and related gene pathways,[4] is artificial, and in some circumstances mitigates against COVID-19, albeit with variable side-effects. Dexamethasone is clearly a useful adjunct.

‘D’ deficiencies are widespread globally,[5] and particularly in; BAME, African Americans, Elderly, Carehomers,[6, 7] (Reality-check ref.) and Obese Persons; groups also at high-risk of COVID-19. Regions with proactive Vitamin-D-policies, education, nutritional supplementation, and/or greater UVB exposure, have much lower COVID-19 infection and mortality; e.g. Finland, Norway, New Zealand and, Equatorial-Africa (despite poverty / high urban-multi-person-dwelling-occupation).

Appropriate vitamin D supplementation risks are small: rewards huge. Public policy application of Bradford-Hill risk / harm criteria, used for smoking, social-distancing and masks, would support[8] ‘D’ supplementation of at-risk groups, and ‘D’ testing of all COVID-19 hospital patients.

Parachute RCTs studies (Smith & Pell. J CBE[9] ) [10, 11] ; analogies for research situations of observable risk reduction, but limited viable ethical alternatives; incisively, with wry humour, highlight risks of overly focusing on para-RCT-centric research.

Patient-based-studies; four interventions [12-14, 85]; a retrospective examination of clinical practice[15]; and thirty-nine observationals,[16-50, 86] three more are questioned;[51-53] some are preprints. All consider, mixed-size pre-and -or-post-infection ‘D’ samples, and COVID-19 positive patients. All studies variously evidence mitigation of COVID-19 infectivity and/or severity, by ‘D’.

Additionally, Biobank-study ‘D’ data (all over 10-years-old),[54-56] showed positive associations before adjustment. Comorbidities adjusted for, are impacted by vitamin D levels,[57] making evaluation complex. EPIC vitamin D data had no date-limits.[58]

Latitudinal,[59] COVID-19 seasonality, and wider, studies, including of polymorphisms,[60] grow in number; including those referencing historic pandemics and influenzas[61]: Juzeniene is a stand-out.[62] Latitudinal studies[63, 64] are helpful, but limited by availability of current accurate population ‘D’ data.

An in-vitro study,[65] observes; “Vitamin D, calcitriol, exhibits significant potent activity against SARS-CoV-2.”

Numerous studies,[66] explain vitamin D’s central genetic evolutionary,[67, 68] and wider role, in immune modulation, through multiple various and diverse [69] pathways, including via peroxisomes and mitochondria. More generally, studies link low ‘D’ with negative wider health effects[70] including increased mortality.[71]

Early 2020 hypotheses linking COVID-19 infectivity / severity, to vitamin D, include; Grant,[72] Brown,[73] and Davies.[74] Helpful summaries include Benskin.[75]

The urgent need for major studies, has been raised in several BMJ Rapid Responses.[76-82]

Collectively, studies strongly suggest essential prohormone-and-nutrient vitamin D, is a far more effective potential basal COVID-19 treatment, than any additive pharmaceutical available to date. Pharmaceuticals and vaccines are ultimately appreciated adjuncts, to meeting essential evolutionary biological nutrient intake imperatives.

Immediately testing of all COVID-19 hospital patient admissions for vitamin D, and supplementing where necessary, according to established NICE guidelines,[83] would provide time for new protocol, RCT-clinical-trials.

Thus, there is every reason to ‘D’ test hospitalised COVID-19 patients. Arguably, not to do so, in light of study outcomes to date, risks negligence. Judges, if asked, may take a broad-view in weighing evidence.

Since late January 2020, a loose group, have requested major clinical studies of sufficient power, including in care-homes, and hospitals. I thank Cooper, Grant, Grimes, Lahore, Pfleger, Rhein, Shotwell, Sarkar, and others, for sharing.

However, high-level drive and funding, have been lacking, exacerbated by the Wellcome-Gates-Accelerator exclusion from funding of ‘D’. Consequentially, research establishments excluded ‘D’ trials, focusing instead on repurposing, and new drugs, including in care-home settings. ‘D’ studies would reduce the study patient pool: further, successful ‘D’ outcomes may reduce funding for long-shot studies.

‘D’ is a non-patentable product family, produced by evolution, for which humans can garner no credit, with limited financial drivers to satisfy eternal human-yearning for golden but elusive bonanzas.

Overall, if the depth of information, and number of studies on ‘D’, consistently pointing in the same direction, related to a new COVID-19 ‘drug’, with minimal side-effects, it would have been front-page-news. Additional clinical research would have been prioritised with determination and alacrity, and ‘D’ by now, licensed as a standard-treatment-protocol.

In terms of saving lives, mental health and economies, it is inconsequential whether deficiency is due to pre-existing low-levels at infection, or infection driven catabolism. IF the issue was dehydration, nobody would dream of saying, ‘withhold treatment until determination if dehydration was due to; fever, or low historic water intake pre-infection’.

Surely the simple steps, of ‘D’ supplementing, and/or testing-and-supplementing, of at least all COVID-19 patients, and high-risk-persons, should be implemented as a matter of urgency. Thought-provokingly hospital ‘D’ supplementation was standard practice in Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care in Cincinnati for many years.[84]

Absent: authorities; redirecting resources and research-focus; changing public health and hospital testing and supplementation policies, to ones that fully recognise the often-discriminatory impact and extent of ‘D’ deficiency disease, particularly in high risk groups; and funding and driving of urgent further ‘D’ research; human-frailties dictate ‘D’ will be shuffled into the pending-tray; notwithstanding observed 50% ‘D’ related reductions in infection (Kaufman 190,000 patient-base),[27, 39, 41] and reductions in ICU patients by multiples (Castillo, Tan et al).[12, 17, 31, 45, 48]

Pragmatic recognition of the need to: supplement ‘D’ in; high risk groups, COVID-19 hospital patients, and more widely; eliminate the ‘social-injustice’[6, 7] of vitamin ‘D’ discrimination against; BAME, the Elderly, Carehomers and Obese; reduce infection, ICU pressures and mortality, so public fear: could provide a cheap resource-and-cost-saving basal treatment protocol, added to by vaccines, a ‘paradigm-shift’ enlightening bleak COVID-19 outlooks, empowering people, thus possible exit from D-deficient COVID-19 pandemic shadow-lands, steering a ‘D’ course to a brighter pastures.

[1] Kattner. L., & Volmer D. (11th Nov 2015) Synthesis of Low Abundant Vitamin D Metabolites and Assaying Their Distribution in Human Serum by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LCMS/MS) as a New Tool for Diagnosis and Risk Prediction of Vitamin D-Related Diseases 10.5772/64518 Available at…
[2] Wolf, G. (June 2004) The Discovery of Vitamin D: The Contribution of Adolf Windaus, The Journal of Nutrition, Volume 134, Issue 6, Pages 1299–1302, Available at Discovery of Vitamin D: The Contribution of Adolf Windaus | The Journal of Nutrition | Oxford Academic
[3] Hidalgo, A., Trump, D., & Johnson, C. (2010). Glucocorticoid regulation of the vitamin D receptor. The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology, 121(1-2), 372–375. Available at Glucocorticoid Regulation of the Vitamin D Receptor
[4] Navarro-Barriuso, J., Mansilla, M.J., Naranjo-Gómez, M. et al. (2018). (Fig. 3) Comparative transcriptomic profile of tolerogenic dendritic cells differentiated with vitamin D3, dexamethasone and rapamycin. Sci Rep 8, 14985 (2018). Available at
[5] Palacios, C., & Gonzalez, L. (2014). Is vitamin D deficiency a major global public health problem? The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology, 144 Pt A, 138–145. Available at…
[6] Lay, C. (13th October 2020). Care homes ‘should give Vitamin D to residents’. The Times. Available at…
[7] Williams J, Williams C. (2020). Responsibility for vitamin D supplementation of elderly care home residents in England: falling through the gap between medicine and food. BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health 2020;bmjnph-2020-000129. doi: 10.1136/bmjnph-2020-000129 Available at
[8] Annweiler, C., Zhijian, C., & Sabatier, J. (June 07, 2020). Point of view: Should COVID-19 patients be supplemented with vitamin D? Maturitas. Review article, Volume 140, P24-26, DOI: Available at
[9] Pell, J. NIH List of publications. Available at…
[10] Smith, G., & Pell, J. (2003). Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge: systematic review of randomised controlled trials. BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 327(7429), 1459–1461.…" etc…

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There are some 650 million Indian farmers, and an epidemic of suicides among them.


The WEF have another simulation exercise in the impending pipeline - Cyber polygon 2021, featuring a ‘cyber pandemic’ in July…as I recall Event 201 only took a few months to go live…

@ElsieDee are you worried about this event that WEF are arranging, or what are you saying?

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I am assuming that the exercise precedes a contrived cyber attack which will expedite the progress of the WEF ‘Great Reset’ - already smoothly facilitated by the advent of bsl4 lab-derived SARS-Cov-2…covid19 and the general marketing drive for nanotech infested, DNA modifying hyper immunity inducing depopulation jabs…

The financial collapse is planned, inevitable and in the post. The timing of the cyber polygon suggests the ‘covid like computer virus’ may arrive in September, or soon after - timed to coincide with the highly predictable autumnal surge in illness - not due to insignificantly altered ‘variants’ but injection induced pathogenic priming and nano tech interactivity with increasing levels of MMW radiation…

Its not a pretty picture, but thankfully there is still time to prepare, and plenty of worldwide resistance to the proposed new world order emerging from the chaos…

Cyber attacks will of course continue to happen after the exercise, but are you saying that the exercise is part of a greater plan that also involves an actual cyber attack orchestrated by the WEF?

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Yes. And its a grim subject. The ‘Davos Clique’ need holding to account.

I saw this video yesterday. Interesting presentation and perspective…

And here is a recent interview with Whitney Webb…always brilliant.


What exactly is it that makes you think that the WEF are planning an actual cyber attack?

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Its a matter of perception - it seems really obvious to me. The proposed cyber pandemic will further facilitate the WEF Great reset…