Won't the Chinese corner the farming market

Wouldn’t the Chinese corner the farming market, like they have with Bitcoin mining, with their economies of hardware and electricity?

Absolutely not in this case. One of the factors according to what I’ve read is network reliability and throughput, two things that cannot be expected from China, particularly to outside of China.

It may simply be that anyone and their cousin with a raspberry pi-like device and a el cheapo 500GB USB disk attached will do better.

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The SAFE Network will be worldwide, it’s not a matter of cornering the farming market.

People in control of botnets, will install the SAFE Network on their zombie computers and regurlar users will do the same. One thing is for sure, this is going to spread like a virus :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s an interesting discussion, but what has happened with bitcoin mining doesn’t follow with Safecoin farming, because the two technologies are very different.

I think that those with low energy costs will have one advantage, but this will be balanced by those with spare computing resources, while those who purchase equipment dedicated to farming have higher costs and so on.

This makes it hard to predict who and where will have an advantage, and then the farming algorithm itself makes it hard for anyone to profit by paying extra to increase their farming rate, because they are limited to a 20% maximum rate above the average for the network.

These factors are designed to ensure that we don’t get the extremes of blockchain networks, and that everyone who has spare resources will find it worthwhile to join in farming.


To my knowledge, Maidsafe isn’t dumb/lazy enough to have a winner take all model for coin rewards (winner takes all coins rewarded at a given time), so user X having a supercomputer won’t prevent users A through V from getting safecoin. I hope Maidsafe is also smart enough to not have the network controlled by miners, so that you’d have that protection as well.

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Bandwidth, bandwidth and bandwidth. The Chinese monopoly is the reason the block size has not been increased, and that is tiny increase in bandwidth demand and latency. He who has the most fiber (uncontrolled) wins in the SAFE network, IMHO.


BTC mining requires expensive equipment thus excluding all but the determined

SAFE farming anyone with a PC, phone on charging, cloud server, R-Pi, old laptop, etc etc can farm.

So the ratios will be completely different. And from my understanding China is only 1/6 the world’s population so they are at an automatic disadvantage to centralise framing to China. They might get 1/6th if the food farmers also get internet and farm SAFE