Withdrawing from Livecoin

Hi just wondered if anyone had recently had any problems withdrawing Maid from livecoin? Recently purchased maid on livecoin as other popular exchanges are not taking new members, first time dealing with them and wondering what the process time normally is for a withdrawal to complete


from Livecoin to Poloniex huge sum of MAIDSAFE i have transferred but it is not yet processed

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How long ago did you transfer?

What is the cost to transfer out of an exchange? I have 333 MAID on bittrex and as a policy try not to keep coins on exchanges for long. Also, where can i send them so that I control my private keys? i am working to unlock the safe browser, is there a built-in wallet or is there a different wallet software elsewhere recommended?

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It has been already 3 days . Today i transferred small amount it was succesfull .But the old withdrawl with big sum is still pending. @maidsafe @frabrunelle are you gonna do something about this ? please inform livecoin

Usually costs about $10 to withdraw. Pretty standard price now :cry:

But yes it’s always good to get everything off of there as soon as possible

A Bitcoin paper wallet works

Transferring MAID from Livecoin to Poloniex

Withdrawal 1 877.87717165 MAID Wallet: 1G2xW6t2GzNRNguRG8zzYmVoMTmvKoyHz9 In progress

I would like to know how long will this transferring complete.
Can Sir/Madam tell me about this issues.

Thanks for your cooperation

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I don’t see how they can do anything. They have no authority to talk to livecoin on your behalf.

You need to contact livecoin and sort it out with them if it has not even been sent. If it has been sent then its up to the miners to mine the transaction.

Anywhere from 1/2 hour to days. It all depends on the fee live coin sent with the transaction. NOTE: that is not the fee you paid livecoin.


I have made a paid tweet so that it will appears to more users . After seeing that the livecoin has processed it further . Now my issue is resolved

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