With the maid be friends

Maid: hello, during the Spring Festival Chinese New Year. Didn’t pay attention to the maid for some time, I’m a fan of the Chinese community, now want to promote maid, she also wants to join the maid test, I will go to test, hope someone can give me some experience, because English is not very good:slight_smile:This is my email chencc218@163.com, I hope to make friends with the maid team or other lovers


Welcome @chencc218.

Plenty of people here will help answer any questions you have.

You could also start a thread in Chinese in this forum to see if any native speakers can make your life easier. You’ll notice we have a few foreign language threads now.

Hopefully you will be able to test out vaults from home quite soon, but there is already quite a lot to play with even before that is ready. Keep your eye on the development updates every Thursday - the next one is in about 12 hours. /exciting!


Can someone help here to start a Chinese topic in the #local category??? Would be great. Please read the instructions in this topic:

I can not do it myself as google translate isn’t good enough. So we need someone that understands both English and Chinese to do a nice translation and start the topic in #local.



Yes the Chinese version of this forum is extremely important.

Does anyone know Portuguese? Brazilians use the internet a lot and totally value their privacy. That could be a huge market.