Wit.ai "the Github, the Wikipedia, the Bitcoin of natural language"


One for @dirvine!

Last year I started Wit.ai to make this a reality. On September 12th, 2013 from my Palo Alto garage (sorry for the cliché), Willy Blandin and I shared the very first alpha version of our natural language understanding API on Hacker News. 1100 developers signed up in the first 24 hours and started building apps that take natural language input from users. And more than 99% of the developers agreed to share their training data with the community.

Shortly after, Pebble’s founder Eric Migicovsky kindly offered us to work off Pebble’s offices, and we entered Y Combinator.

The enthusiasm of the developers community confirmed our vision. We want Wit.ai to be the platform that developers use to build messenger-based and audio-first apps that are arriving in the next generation of wearables and smart devices. We have assembled a great team of engineers specialized in natural language processing, machine learning and speech. Jennifer Dewalt, from 180 websites in 180 days, also joined us to lead developer and community efforts.



Been waiting on this, I am in :slight_smile: