Wip2p decentralised identity indexing and app platform

I’ve been chatting to the developer of wip2p because he’s also working on a decentralised git portal application, and in response he put together a nice summary of his wip2p and how it works. See ‘Docs’ at the link below.

I’m still not clear exactly what it is useful for or what it’s characteristics will be (other than a decentralised app platform), but it is certainly interesting and he’s very helpful if anyone wants to ask questions.

One thing that made me curious if the description of it as a decentralised indexing system, which made me wonder about the relevance to design of search or similar functions on Safe. cc @david-beinn

I don’t want to spend more time on it while I’m deep into the p2p git portal, so just posting here in case anyone is interested and wants to look into it. If so please post your learnings and thoughts.