Winklevoss comments on Maidsafe


Since i know you guys are always looking to invest in the next big thing, do yourselves a favour and checkout out maidsafe if you haven’t already. They are building new network protocols that decentralize the internet. Safecoin will be the appcoin that the network will use and its not based on blockchain technology yet still manages to be completely p2p. safecoin does not burn electricity to secure the network, it will have no tx fees, no blockchain bloat and will be completely anonymous.

Winklevoss Response:
Thx, I have actually already checked out Safecoin. On first pass it looked like some details were underspecified, however, I plan to keep tabs and review again as they make progress. The idea they are trying to solve is certainly “big”.


Right on!

This is a great way to get the word out: by first getting it into the heads of famous people :slight_smile:

Keep it up! Messaging people directly like this is very effective


2 thumbs up @hamiltino
I’m sorry to sound like a “second hand marketing playboy” here. BUT NEVER FORGET THAT IT’S INSTANT TX. Nevertheless great pitch… I would have bought 1 billion Safecoins after sucha pitch if I was Hugh Hefner


Ok in this context what does TX stand for?