Win 10 XB1 closes the loop on Microsoft's living room ambitions

Prior to 2000 MS had the Ultimate TV concept which became the Xbox which became the 360 which became the Xbox One. Finally with Windows 10 MS has an undisputed platform and window in to the living room. But is it too late?

Microsoft’s growth plan seems to be to become the biggest corporate sell out in history. After it brought us the Kinect camera which had the potential to track people’s eyes to onscreen ads and support sponsorship (the enemy of democracy if there ever was one) it now got the total sell out you can’t block its auto update (wasn’t this the outcry with Xbox One prior to launch) give it all to the government approach with its free (incalculably expensive) Windows 10.

Regardless Xbox One is a full PC in the living room. MS has even announced that it will have mouse and keyboard. You will finally be able to do word processing and excell spread sheet on you 4 K living room screen.