Will your token have decimals on the SAFE Network?

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I ask this, because all SAFE Network tokens will be allowed to pay for advertising on our ad platform. These tokens will go to the users of our app.

100.00000000 Clike, would mean, if we have 1M users that each user receives 0.00000100 Clike. Of course all of this boils down to tx costs, another option is that users can claim their portion of ad revenue.

@maidsafe is an airdrop possible?

Are there other projects that will have a token distribution? if yes, how will you do it?

Yeah I know that ads are the bad way to go on the SAFE Network, but I rather see billions of $ being distributed among internet users instead of 2 companies. :kissing_heart:


Ours is indivisible (so no), to make the SafeCoin profit allocation contracts work with less headache.

Not sure about others.

Interesting to see the result of SafeCoin divisibility too. I prefer the exchangeable “SafeCents” and “SafePennies” alt-SafeCoins solution, personally.


I’ll probably get in trouble for price speculation but, this is somewhat of a concern because when the value of 1 Safecoin hikes (e.g. when it’s $100), it might put people off the idea of acquiring it which would halt adoption

Please read the last paragraph of my quote above:

Yep, I agree, I like the sound of SafeCents!


I will eventually review the many proposals posted here in the forum to try to showcase any of them or a combination of them, I may go for the simplest one just for the sake of having something to play with which can then show pros and cons.


Sorry that I ask, but have you thought about the tokens as a currency that can be used to buy stuff? An indivisble token gives little movement room, we need tokens to compete with fiat.

If Safe FS was at $10 per coin it’s basically useless for everything else (it’s not useless, but it woulden’t allow users to buy stuff easily). Sorry that I maybe sound harsch, but money needs to be liquid and constantly moving. Please reconsider, we’ll try to work on a solution that works without a headache (I hope).

Maybe the projects with tokens should have a brainstorm what to do/try. It would be nice to have Thankscoin, Decorum etc in eachothers wallets and that everything is interoperable/connected.

@oetyng maybe your mutual shareable data could help here.

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Everything will be tested a ways off in the future so it’s impossible to answer you yet, just look at the other people’s answers here

These kind of tests and ideas get formed at Beta

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I won’t be surprised if one day there will be an ICO token generator platform like Ethereum running on the SAFE network. If it has its own ICO it’ll be an ICO within SAFE (which once had an ICO) for many new ICOs…


Im really curious about how tokens will work out, simply cause this impact safecoin a lot.

And i really am curious about the tx cost to send those tokens across the network

They will cost whatever the “PUT” costs are for sending them. If the process requires 2 or 3 updates to the tokens (and maybe some registry MD) then it will cost 2 or 3 “PUT” cost.


Thats really good news that they are not free, specially for spam attacks and for people trying to trick the system with data and tokens.

how much will 1 put basicly cost ? Or that not set in stone yet, cause of the diverse of the safecoin?

Its dynamic and dependent on the network needs. Plenty of free storage and the cost is low. Maybe 100’s billions of puts per safecoin. If running at nominal free then say 100’s of millions of puts per coin and if critical then maybe 10’s of thousands only or even 1 coin per put if really critical

Its all dynamic

wow 100’s billion per safecoin that would be really really cheap maybe even to cheap for token transfer, but might be really awesome for IOT so would be great on the otherside

That would be like the case where only 1% of available space is actually used. Doubt we really want the dynamics to have it that low for a nominal operating system

We are not sure yet but I think you will find in normal operation that very few updates will be just one “PUT” fee. APPs will most likely need to update a few things to do any useful function for anyone.

It could even be that tokens require a number of updates (PUT costs) to achieve the security needed that SAFEcoin has inherently.

Is PUT cost connected to farming rate?
Or: Those are two independent rates.

The actual rates are different of course, but the current RFC uses the same metric to determine the dynamic nature of each rate.

Remember the “PUT” cost has to include a portion to allow “forever” persistent data. So the number of "PUT"s per safecoin is lower (higher price) than the number of "GET"s before being rewarded a coin.


Three possible ways, then?

  1. Constant ratio: 1 PUT = farming rate / constant
  2. Vaults measure PUT/GET ratio, adjust PUT price.
  3. Vaults measure PUT/GET ratio, adjust farming rate.

The farming rate is calculated from the storage situation.

So 1/farming rate is the number of "GET"s (on average) required for each safecoin created.

PUT cost is a function of farming rate. Along the lines of your #1 except its more like

1 PUT cost == farming rate * constant. this is so the cost of PUTs is higher than the rewards

Farming rate is <= 1