Will Work for MAID :) How about a general SAFE marketplace on this forum?


I think I have suggested this before. Can’t remember what the discussion outcome was.

I think it’d be a good idea of we explore the idea of a marketplace on this forum. We could post things such as for hire, wanted and for sale.

Some examples of how and why this would work well:

I’m currently exploring a business idea that I’ve been mentally tinkering on for a while and if I decide to move forward with it i’d prefer to ask the community here for assistance and in exchange I would pay them.

In the past I have exchanged money and crypto for services and the like on this forum and I have a feeling I am not the only one.

If we did this we’d be supporting our own community in a more direct fashion. I’ m sure there are people that need things done currently who would be more than happy to offer these jobs or projects to fellow community members BUT ALSO going forward, someone is going to be designing, and setting up websites and apps on the network and others who are not so savvy will want to engage these people … :wink:

What do others think?


Anyone wants to buy pizza for 10,000 maid?


Do you take Maid from cryptopia? If so, I would be interested to buy some;)


The moderators of this forum are volunteers. They are here to moderate discussions about the SAFE Network and that’s all. Adding the things you suggest will require the volunteers to spend more time they most likely don’t have to moderate things they don’t care to be involved in.

There are plenty of websites and services currently available to offer everything you suggested. So for me I’m a no.


Isn’t that undeclared work?


The bitcointalk forum has a thriving marketplace in their forums, and many of them are self-moderared…

That’s essentially how the (in?)famous 10,000 BTC pizza was born


Still doesn’t change my mind on turning this forum into a marketplace or adding the feature to do so.

Bitcointalk is used to discuss all kinds of projects and other coins besides Bitcoin. This forum is solely focused on the SAFE Network and projects being developed for it.

Why build up all these additional features when the end goal of the SAFE Network is to replace the current iteration of the Internet? Just seems a waste of resources in my eyes, but everybody gets to have their opinion.


They don’t have any special “feature” for the marketplace, it is just a forum.

And before the altcoins explosion, it was just a forum for people willing to buy and sell real world stuff for bitcoins.


So there’s a place already available to do what was suggested…


Bitcointalk has a bitcoin based marketplace.
@goindeep is proposing to have a maidsafecoin based marketplace.

Really, I don’t understand why this is so hard to understand.


I fully understand what he was saying, I don’t see the point and it’s a waste of resources in my opinion. He asked “What do others think?” and I stated what I think. You started asking questions of me and I’m answering those. Correct?


How do you mean? For tax purposes?


I don’t see why it would be a waste of resources. You could simply have a single thread, or a topic label one can use to post their ad for a transaction they wish to perform. Some of the biggest marketplaces are essentially just forum posts (Craigslist, Facebook marketplaces, etc). I would be interested in offering my services for MAID.


Yes, wouldn’t the admin(s)/mods get the blame for allowing/helping tax evasion at the forum?


That is a valid point and one I’d prefer not to be tested.


Why would admins be anywhere near any accusation related to tax evasion?
That’s the responsibility of the people involved in the transaction to declare their gains or losses from a barter or any commercial transaction.

Unless the admins are actively engaging on ‘advocacy of crime’ by explicitly suggesting tax evasion techniques, there is nothing illegal in having a common place to announce intention to acquire or sell something.


Facilitating in a word.

Just like the owner of a building, with approval, allowing an illegal brothel to operate in it. If you own/run/manage something and setup something illegal (ie tax evasion) then its something that may fall foul of the law.

Remember the laws in different countries are different in respect to these areas. There are some very broad laws concerning tax evasion and simply allowing it to happen (facilitate) could be included or may not depending on the laywer/judge and current reading of the laws.

But yes I do agree that one would expect that they would only go after the actual people promoting it. But its not an area I would wish to test in court.


There are an overwhelming abundance of examples online since the beginnings of the internet with BBSes to today’s forums. I have yet to hear one case of a marketplace (with legal goods) to be shutdown.

If the IRS and Fincen hasn’t shut down bitcointalk and Craigslist yet, nothing will.


Thats USA which has some constitutional protections. We have none of that

We are not taking of that at all. Its not shuting down the website, but those who run/manage it being included in court proceedings in the context of tax laws. Illegal goods is under other less powerful laws and yes the one selling those illegal goods are the only ones that can be touched.


Do you have a case study?

Deep web marketplaces doesn’t count, as they are explicitly related to illegal services and money laundering.

In any case, I think you guys are overthinking it too much.