Will Transparency Overwhelm Privacy?

It seemed that you couldn’t have privacy without at least organizational transparency. Also that life without privacy would not be enjoyable or provide for the right kind of human development opportunities or environment. But now it seems with a coming saturation of sensors and compute cycles and capacity under the IOT with more intelligent software, it seems that privacy has no chance. Our lives will be social hacked to the point of transparency and privacy will evaporate.

Do people think law or culture can stop this? If not, how long do we have? What have we lost? All these pieces of identity that are caught up in privacy will begin to break down. Imagine all the embarrassing things of life now, a collective video bio, grades, degrees, memberships, work history, infractions, violations, relationship history, contacts, list of living and deceased relatives, medical history, disabilities, failures, misfortunes, DNA, account numbers, credit, debt, financial records. All of it dumped or always lurking following us around through the visage of some intelligent intermediary more familiar with it than we are. Us getting corrected on details of our own lives. Us getting measured against our will with increasing frequency. Idiotic rankings such as “no its more likely that you like that person more… or this person is perceived to have higher status” We would go numb but then instead of ads and tracking and privacy violation in the absence of these we have tech designed to preserve a sense of deficiency by reminding us and our social circle of it in subtle and overt ways.

Imagine you startle awake at night in the dark and utter or sublingualize “transparency” and everywhere you look the walls present a transparent fish eye 360 view of the space around your body right though to the outside of your home- the interior walls covered in video panel- sensors tracking your eyes and adjusting for perspective. It would be like you were outside. Even a burglar seeking the privacy of night, even stealthed or cloaked in something that could bend light wouldn’t be able to get enough privacy to sneek up on anyone- the software would piece it together and trigger an alarm. It would be a transparent world where you could almost always see everyone and everything coming. All these alarms making you aware at just the right time that this or that is likely to happen.