Will the vaults be using the computer's RAM as cache

Hello friends.

I have questions, will the SAFE vaults be using the computer’s RAM as cache for the most frequently used chunks of information (1MB files)?
and if so, will there be an option to configure the amount of RAM used by the vaults? i.e. if somebody has 64GB of RAM and wants to reserve 20GB for vault/application will he be able to do so?


That and many bits of the config will be tested out. The ability for advanced users should be there, but hidden for normal users IMO. Just the paradox of choice thing really.


Nice idea to be considerate of the users interest, as counterpoint to the usual exploit the consumer as much as possible.

On Linux at least, regardless I wonder there are options to control a processes use of resources but ideal if SAFE bundle would be clear about its intent to make use of what is available.


The page cache in Linux will handle this automatically if the vault code makes appropriate use of memmap.